December 11, 2023
Unkabogable and unstoppable
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Unkabogable and unstoppable

Oct 5, 2023

Superstar Vice Ganda has no time for bashers — and he kills them with kindness. Despite busy schedule, Vice still finds time to share blessings, reach out, and help people. 

Using his platform for good, Vice, who’s very generous, doesn’t stop helping — whether “Showtime” contestants or just random people. 

He said in an interview before that his mission in life is to make people laugh and help them. That’s why he is so blessed with fortune, fame, and good people. 

Those good people, who love and support him, are his real gems. You can watch his vlogs to know how good these people are — like MC, Lassy, Negi, Petite, Ion, and family. 

Vice also said that he lives his life with positivity. So, haters, you don’t matter. They really don’t matter when you have a big and full life. And his supporters will always defend and love him.

The Kapamilya star is still unkabogable with left and right awards and hit shows “Everybody, Sing” and “It’s Showtime.” 


The 12-day suspension of the noontime show will not stop him from giving entertainment. He recently shared that he takes full responsibility and plans to help Showtime staff. 

“Everybody, Sing,” which airs every weekend, continues to give exciting and big prizes. 

Gandara the Beksplorer resumes new episodes soon on YouTube.

Vice is unstoppable. 

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