December 10, 2023
Sylvia Sanchez doesn’t look her age at all—Rhea Tan
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Sylvia Sanchez doesn’t look her age at all—Rhea Tan

Apr 11, 2019

(Photo from Rhea Tan’s instagram account)

If there is one person that Beautederm owner Rhea Tan admires, she is award-winning actress Sylvia Sanchez, who still shining in her forties.

Beautederm is a home for all women who want to feel and look beautiful inside and outside. Sylvia is a testimony that the brand is legit and effective. It helps Filipinas to achieve beauty that is beyond skin. 

The actress, as described by businesswoman Rhea, is the best fit and will always be, for the brand.

Lady boss says, “Apart from being a celebrity, Ms. Sylvia Sanchez exudes youth because of her effortless glow. She maybe well over her 40s, but she doesn’t look her age at all. She’s the perfect face for women who long for self love and graceful aging.”

Recently, Sylvia renewed her contract, telling women that it is important to always take care of themselves. The products from Beautederm that she’s using make her more confident.

The actress is not just an endorser, Rhea finds a true friend in her. They never cut the conversation, always fun memories and exciting life lessons.

Owner shares, “Working with Ms. Sylvia Sanchez has been nothing but fruitful. As we have grown into a long-lasting friendship, having her as part of the Beautéderm family has only been more delightful and successful. I learned that it’s not just about the business, but about the relationships you build around it that matter most.”

With the love she gets from the Sinag Maynila Best Actress, she’s forever grateful. She always hopes to creating more fun, never dull moments with her endorser/friend/idol Sylvia.

Both Sylvia and Rhea are empowered! 

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