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Pearl Hung aims for a back-to-back win
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Pearl Hung aims for a back-to-back win

Dec 2, 2023

After a five-year hiatus from pageantry, 30-year-old entrepreneur Pearl Hung from Puerto Princesa is back to slay the global stage. This time, to win a back-to-back victory at the Miss Global International finals after another Filipina, Shayne Quintana Tormes, won the crown last year.

“I’m so happy and honored to represent the Philippines. It’s something I’m so grateful about. I’m coming back fiercer, bolder, and more mature. The years have molded me well. In the years I was gone from pageantry, I immersed myself in the Elites Empire business I put up. It’s a community of sales networks in Cebu.

“Unbeknownst to many, I lost both my parents at the tender age of three. Their untimely death was caused by an accident. But being an orphan gave me wisdom. I now see that tragedy as a gift and being Miss Global Philippines 2023 is being part of it. It awakened a lot of dreams in me.

“Pageantry is a platform of empowerment. Carry love with a beauty that’s inside and out. Pageant and business, like the industry where I thrive, are equally hard as you need to master both,” enthused the successful entrepreneur who drives a Lamborghini. Her focused and go-getter personality will take her to the fruition of her dreams.

At a media event at the Gaugin function room in Novotel Manila, the Miss Global Philippines Organization formally introduced Pearl as the country’s representative to the forthcoming finals in Vietnam.

“Just be yourself, Pearl, don’t be overly competitive. We won’t put pressure on you for a back-to-back win. But know that Pinoys rally behind you. Be fearless in your pursuit as that will give your soul some fire,” said Miss Global Philippines Organization national director Pauline Sofia Laping, in a well-wishing message.

For her national costume, Pearl revealed that it will be peacock-inspired from the endemic Tandikan (blue peacock) of Palawan. “Walking on the catwalk and running a business are similar in that you enjoy every moment of it. There’s not much difference. I’m writing a series of self-help/inspirational books and I’ve already published two. I will be writing a total of seven books. I’d like to help orphans and people who lack resources because I know how it is to be in their shoes. That’s why I fit the crown of empowerment. I’m willing to be renewed in life,” intoned the dusky Palawe├▒a beauty.

“Open your heart and mind to the possibilities. And open your doors to this opportunity. I am seeing a great potential for you to grab the title. It’s a good pageant because it gives a lot of opportunity to their queens. Enjoy the journey. Be authentic!” advised reigning Miss Global International Shayne Quintana Tormes, the first Filipina to win the crown.

Pearl is excited to exchange ‘cultural’ notes when she meets over 70 delegates from the Miss Global sisterhood, and compete for the title in Vietnam.

“I’m a fit for this organization that espouses about resiliency and rebirth; with me orphaned at three! Character, mindset, and emotions are important so I’ve prepared myself for the journey ahead. I embody empowerment and that’s what Miss Global is looking for!” 

Queen-maker Rodgil Flores of the Kagandahang Flores camp is training Pearl in this new journey of hers. Flores will be with her until she competes in Vietnam.

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