December 10, 2023
New youth-oriented series ‘Sparkle U’ announced
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New youth-oriented series ‘Sparkle U’ announced

Sep 30, 2023

Can the youth of today survive in the real world where people can’t just mute or delete someone in their life?

Get ready for exciting school adventures as the newest youth-oriented anthology series ‘Sparkle U’ starts its classes on GMA Network this Sunday, October 1.

Set in a fictional universe called Sparkle University, Sparkle U is an anthology miniseries that revolves around the complicated lives of today’s youth, including the relevant struggles and issues they’re facing.

From the effects of social media use and family conflicts, a different facet of teenage life will be explored in each episode, with the story confined in the halls of Sparkle University, which is described to be a “conservative, parent-funded, all-inclusive” institution  that offers educational programs from elementary, high school, senior high school, to undergraduate studies.

Bannering the first story of Sparkle U are two of GMA Network’s brightest and talented teen stars, Shayne Sava and Abdul Rahman.

In Sparkle U: #Frenemies, Shayne is set to excite audiences with her bubbly portrayal of Bekang, while Abdul plays the role of Drake — the ladies’ man of Sparkle U and famous for his quirky you-only-live-once type of videos online.

Joining them are Sparkle artists Roxie Smith as Yazzi, Michael Sager as Marco, Zephanie as Sue, Princess Alliyah as Raeka, Vanessa Pena as Yam, Anjay Anson as Wado; with the special participation of Matt Lozano as Basti, Leandro Baldemor as Reb, Sue Prado as Zarah, Geleen Eugenio as Miranda.

Sparkle U: #Frenemies, follows the story of Bekang (Shayne) and Yazzi’s (Roxie) lost friendship. They were childhood friends before but Yazzi will treat Bekang as her nemesis when they meet again in Senior High. Both Bekang and Yazzi have strong personalities that have something to do with their parents’ past.

The second story of Sparkle U, on the other hand, introduces the new faces of campus life: Sparkle Sweethearts and popularly known as ‘Team Jolly’,  Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay. Catch them as Alessi (Sofia), Sparkle U’s campus smarty pants, and Zac (Allen), the university’s athletic heartthrob, in ‘Sparkle U: Ghosted.’

They are joined by Marco Masa as Leon, Liana Mae as Sela, continuing her role from story one is Princess Aliyah as Raeka, and Ruffa Mae Quinto as Ms. Emilia Gaspar.

Sparkle U: #Ghosted, chronicles the stories of five teens who are going through difficulties in their lives and a ghost teacher who is trying to make up for her past mistakes by helping these teens avoid committing mistakes of their own.

This original series is headed by the SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, VP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, AVP for Drama Ali Nokom-Dedicatoria, Senior Program Manager Anthony R. Pastorpide, Executive Producer for #Frenemies Kaye Cadsawan and Executive Producer for #Ghosted Erwin Hilado.

The show’s creative team is composed of Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Creative Unit Head Dode Cruz; Creative Consultant Kit Villanueva-Zapata; Headwriter for #Frenemies J-Mee Katanyag and Headwriter for #Ghosted Mark Duance Angos.

Catch the premiere of “Sparkle U” on October 1, Sunday, 6:00 p.m. on GMA Network and simulcast on GTV.

Viewers abroad can also catch the program via GMA Pinoy TV. For more stories about the Kapuso Network, visit

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