February 27, 2024
NET25 launches talent-reality show ‘Road To Starkada’
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NET25 launches talent-reality show ‘Road To Starkada’

Dec 15, 2023

NET25 announced their talent-reality show last December 13. The show promises not only to deliver your daily dose of good vibes but also to captivate the hearts and minds of Filipino teens nationwide.

The premise of the new reality show revolves around discovering and showcasing the untapped talent, charisma, and resilience of Filipino teens – with one goal in mind – to reach stardom.

The StarKadas Aaron Gonzalez, Arwen Cruz, Bo Bautista, Celyn David, Chelsea Bon, Crissie Mathay, Dana Davids, David Racelis, Drei Arias, Enrico Cruz, Gera Suarez, Gia Gonzales, Jam Aquino, Jannah Madrid, John Heindrick, Juan Atienza, Kanishia Santos, Marco Ramos, Migs Rubia, Mischka Mathay, Miyuki de Leon, Nate Reyes, Nicky Gilbert, Ornella Brianna, Patrick ROxas, Rachel Gabreza, Shira Tweg, Sofi Fermazi, Tim Figueroa, Via Lorica, Victoria Wood, Yvan Castro, Zach Francisco will embark on a transformative journey facing various weekly tasks and challenges that will test their creativity, teamwork, and adaptability.

This groundbreaking talent reality show will also showcase positivity, through various advocacy projects – that aim not only to entertain but also to inspire and empower the younger generation.

One of the challenges that they will face is to unleash their creativity by doing social media campaigns on different issues such as: mental health, pet responsibility, and global warming.

Other key highlights of the show:

Workshop completion in acting, dancing, voice, make-up and styling, speech, branding and personality development. 

Starkadas will be mentored by industry luminaries and celebrated professionals turning this talent search into a transformative learning experience. 

Weekly challenges will be given to the StarKadas and they will be given limited time to come up with the most creative performances. These challenges will definitely take out the StarKadas from their comfort zones and bring out the best in them.

Live interaction with their audience is very important, and the StarKadas will be given a chance to perform and interact with them through mall shows and campus tours.

NET25’s Star Center Artist Management head Eric Quizon said, “We are thrilled to introduce ‘Road to Starkada,’ a reality show that goes beyond entertainment, providing a platform for our youth to shine and showcase their unique abilities. Through this show, we hope to unearth the hidden gems among Filipino teens and offer them an opportunity to embark on a life-changing adventure.”

The show will air its pilot episode on Dec. 18, 2023, Monday to Friday, 5:30 pm on Net25.

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