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Meet PMPC members slash radio personalities and everything we need to know
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Meet PMPC members slash radio personalities and everything we need to know

Sep 19, 2017

A star is a star when most popular, celebrated Star Awards trophy hands to his or her hands. Remember the recent Star Awards for Movies where the icons of Philippine movies Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor received both Best Actress? They are stars. And all stars recognize by the true stars of their own, the PMPC members who, now, enter radio. They become radio personalities that we listen to.

Photo by Joey Austri
Photo by Joey Austria

It’s not easy to recognize people, to give an award. It takes a lot of strong mind that ready to defend. Their job is tough. But they have accepted the fact that they are not perfect. And all we know is they are the most popular, celebrated award-giving body that opens the door to all stars.

These people enter the world of radio. The president of the organization himself Fernan “Ms. F” De Guzman is hosting his own radio talk titled Wow It’s Showbiz (Radyo Inquirer 990) together with PMPC members Boy Romero and Oghie Ignacio. As what Ms. F says, he enjoys being in the show and always having a great time. It becomes their platform to communicate to public and stars and connecting them.


Joey Sarmiento is the host of Win radio’s Secret experience (91.5) while John Fontanilla plugs his show Walang Siesta (DZBB 594). Benny Andaya leads on Ito Ang Showbiz (DZAR 1026khz).

To complete the list, Rodel Fernando, Mildred Amistad Bacud, and Rommel Placente join force in Showbiz Galore (DZRJ 810 am, 8trimedia). Rodel expresses that he loves talking to stars and loves giving public showbiz insights.


From recognizing stars, and people behind the camera up to handling criticisms, PMPC members become the stars of their own. They are the reasons why stars are still stars and that Star Awards trophy is a forever recognition that no one can take. That Star Awards trophy is an evidence of the success of stars. And that’s all because of these PMPC members.

Or, we can say, true stars they are. Because true stars never complain despite criticisms. True stars believe that the world is quiet but they are shining. So, PSR is congratulating PMPC for doing a great job.

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