Grown and will never be drowned.

Last year, Andi Eigenmann joined the power cast of most-watched afternoon drama “The Greatest Love” where she exhaled her inner dramatic actress.

She considers “TGL” as her greatest achievement on television.

After that, everyone was shocked. Andi quitting showbiz.

Clarifying the issue on quitting, Andi, with her sexy top, denim pants, and natural look during the presscon of her new movie “The Maid in London,” denies quitting.

The movie is directed by Danni Ugali and opens in cinemas, July 4.


“I just wanted to give myself another chance to be me. I just wanted to get out of my showbiz life. I know what I want to be in life. But if there are projects that will come at gusto ko naman, gagawin ko pa rin.”

“The Maid in London” lead star gracefully shares that she’s living the life she wants. Andi is passionate about things. Andi becomes a grown up woman. She totally is.

Baler is her home. There’s no stopping Andi. She loves surfing and enjoying the island life. The actress considers herself now, island girl.

The breathtaking view of Baler, its water, its waves, its people, everything about Baler is Andi’s escape to city life.

Finding her second home is like finding her true love. I can say that Andi finally finds her true love.

Her true love is her life. Baler life is not easy for an actress whose life is fabulous. Andi has everything. She has all the means. But what tones her down, is Baler.

She goes to market to buy food. She cooks. That simplicity of life gives her so much inspiration and so much drive to continue living.

You can’t hate her. She’s a woman to look forward to. Simple and passionate. Andi also loves writing and creating film now. Her creative side borns out as she enjoys Baler.

The only Eigenmann living an island life writes script and wants to create films that tackle life. The breath of fresh air changes the way she views life because she “choose kindness.”

I asked Andi about the meaning of her tattoos. Everything is so on point. But what inspires me, is her “choose kindness” tattoo.

“Sa lahat ng mga pagsubok sa buhay, basta’t ginawa ko ‘yung pinapaniwalaan kong tama, at tsaka maging mabuti ka sa kapwa mo, everything will be alright.”

Baler is life. Andi, with kindness and braveness, fights waves in life. It’s hard but she’s just living the life. And what’s lifer than Baler is her daughter.

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