Watch out for Rochelle Pangilinan, Mike Tan in moving ‘MPK’ story

Magpakailanman’s newest story follows the soul-stirring journey of Emily. How far can she go to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother?

After two miscarriages, Emily finds out that she has a reproductive health condition called incompetent cervix which occurs when weak cervical tissue causes or contributes to premature birth or the loss of an otherwise healthy pregnancy. 

Emily and her husband, Rommel, endure financial hardships trying procedures and reproductive treatments in desperation to have a child of their own.

Emily’s manager helps them to loan money from the lending company where Emily works. But they did not go through the proper channels of loaning the money.

On her fourth pregnancy, Emily miraculously gives birth to a healthy baby girl. But not long after, Emily is charged with the crime of Qualified Theft because of the money she loaned, which the company insists was obtained dishonestly.

How is Emily going to face this problem? Will she be imprisoned and be separated from her new born?

This Saturday, January 9, watch out for Kapuso actress Rochelle Pangilinan together with Mike Tan in this moving story of hardships, mistakes and repentance.

“Krimen ng Isang Ina” is directed by Jorron Lee Monroy, written and researched by Loi Argel Nova.

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