Vice Gov. Daniel Fernando will only accept film project if?

It’s way past 6 o’clock in the evening and Vice Governor Daniel Fernando’s temporary office at the Municipality of Malolos, Bulacan is still filled with people lined-up to be attended to.

It’s a day in the life of a public servant we’ve seen as Madam Baby Go brought him his award given last December 2, 2017 at the Marco Polo Hotel but Vice-Governor wasn’t able to accept due to some obligations he had to attend to.

The award was from Madam Baby’s PC Goodheart, for the Vice-Governor’s excellent skills and commendable success in public service as one of the grand achievers last year.

But the producer that she is, Madam Baby was also interested to know if Daniel still wants to act in the movies.

“Basta hindi masasagasaan ang schedule ko for my people, pwede naman. Nakakalabas pa rin naman ako sa telebisyon. Although mas pabor sa akin ang schedule kung pelikula dahil hindi halos nagsusunud-sunod ang araw ng shoot.  I will be looking forward to that. Masarap pa rin naman ang umarte.”

He is looking forward to a higher position in case there is the chance to run. But for the now, he says he is content with the way things are in his life in politics.


Some people have confirmed that yes, the Superstar Nora Aunor will be back on television. And this time, she will be working at the Kapuso homefront.


According to some talks, she will topbill a teleserye titled “Unanay,” an ‘unanong nanay.’ She marries a tall guy (Benjie Paras) and their kids will be very tall (one being Andre Paras).

It will be good news for  the Superstar’s fans. To see their idol on TV again.

But this will also make them sad because the project of BG Productions International which will topbill her and will be directed by GMA-7 director Louie Ignacio which is about the world of hobbits as earlier  announced definitely will not cast her anymore.

“We will definitely have to look for another very good actress for the project. Na of course, of the same caliber as hers. Kung mauuna itong project niya sa TV, then wala tayong magagawa. But definitely, tuloy ang project ko kay Madam BG,” Ignacio said.

The gist of “Sa Mundo ng mga Higante” was earlier announced. About hobbits. And now, a teleserye will do something similar to it? Makikipag-unahan pa? With their in-house director.

Haha! Binaligtad lang, ha! In the movie, nanay si Guy ng mga unano. Here in the teleserye, siya ang unano na nanay ng matatangkad na tao? Wow!

How’s that for aabangang projects about the hobbits?

So, sorry Noranians. It may take awhile to plan another movie with your idol in BG Productions then.


Sam Milby’s priorities in the right order?

In his “Ang Pambansang Third Wheel” presscon, Sam said that he’s already ready to take the plunge if and when the right girl comes along.


It’s not too long ago whe he broke up with Mari Jasmine.

He’s being linked to Angelica Panganiban. But he says that they bare just very good friends who are very comfortable with each other.

So, is his being an introvert helping him in any way. When he said in the said presscon that he has a crush for a very long while with his leading lady Yassi Pressman.


Well, he’s been trying his luck in pouring his “hugots” he did recently. Loke in Moira dela Torre’s “Malaya.” As well as Kyla’s.

Not yet content with whatever he has, obviously in his interviews, Sam is still on the lookout as to the right order of his priorities!

Yes, he knows he isn’t getting any younger. So, keeping his body in good shape and in the best of health will be on top for the meantime!

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