Vice Ganda’s brand of comedy now reaches Netflix

IN a world gripped by fear, anxiety, loss, and disappointment, it is natural for people to always search for a way to escape – even for just a while.

While there is nothing funny about our present circumstances, more and more people are turning to humor in order to take back control of their seemingly unmanageable situations.

The whole world is dealing with the trauma of this pandemic in every way possible, but one universal way to ease all worries is through laughter.

Our resilience as Filipinos is a blessing; we find joy in even the direst situations, managing a smile in the midst of the cruelest storms, finding the funny in the worst possible scenarios.

This ability is also a coping mechanism – a way to keep one’s head above water literally and figuratively.

This is why comedy is a huge part of our culture and way of life, and why every year, many of the biggest grossing movies would always be from the genre of comedy.

For many decades, this genre has been lorded over by larger-than-life legends, but in recent years, a legitimate superstar has truly taken over this category, if we look at blockbuster ratings and gross gains.

The fact is, no one quite brings us to our knees in laughter like Vice Ganda, whose brand of humor reigns supreme, and whose sharp wit and intelligent clapbacks cannot be discounted.

While a few may not be huge fans of his physical comedy or his unorthodox witticisms, Vice Ganda’s word sparring skills are truly superb. Behind his unmistakably sharp tongue is an even sharper mind.

Proof of this is how many of his one-liners become trends that quickly turn into pop culture references.

Vice Ganda has the uncanny ability to turn his ideas into sure hits.

This is made evident by the movies he has created and produced, as well as the iconic characters that so many audiences have grown to love.

There is no denying that whether we are fans of his or not, Vice Ganda’s genius will always be part of our lives.

And now, through Netflix, he can also be part of our quarantine routine. His mammoth blockbuster MMFF films such as Sisterakas (2012), The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin (2014), Beauty And The Bestie (2015), The Super Parental Guardians (2016), and Fantastika (2018) may now be streamed in the comfort of our own homes.

At a time like this when the whole world is reeling from a global health crisis, we need to find a way to stay sane, to find the silver lining in the darkest of clouds, and to lighten our burdens through laughter.

Vice Ganda’s films may just be the soothing balm for our weary souls – an antidote to the sadness and loneliness that has now taken over our daily existence.

Humor is a great pain relief, and studies have shown that laughter has mental and physical impacts that heighten our positive emotions, regulate our stress levels, and enhance our T-cells, which are greatly responsible for our immune response.

Surely, it is factual to say that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine.

And Vice Ganda’s brand of humor may just be the chill pill we all need instead of the plain, hackneyed generic.

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