Vice Ganda proves again why he’s ‘Unkabogable’

Vice Ganda made VG-Tal’s audience crazy with his brutally honest mouth, fabulous costume changes, and iconic dance and sing numbers.

“May mas matindi sa J&J (Johnson & Johnson)! Yung D&D: Duterte and Duterte. Hindi tinuturok. Minumura lang yung vee-rus: ‘P*tang ina mo!’”

His concert Gandemic became one of the top trending topics on Twitter, making him as one of the top contributors to pop culture.

“Kung walang franchise ang istasyon, abang-abang na lang sa next election. Don’t worry, be happy!”

Supported by Anne Curtis, Hashtags, and others, Vice also showcased a number of emotional moments, which left him and many of his fans teary-eyed.

Vice ended the show with super strong message about his mental health, how he fell, rose, and overcame. It was one hell of a ride! 

This proves why he’s an icon, he’s a legend, and he’s the moment. After concert, fans are hoping that Vice will do films again as he gives joy to them and to millions of Filipinos.

Some of his iconic movies (Fantastica, Super Parental Guardians, Beauty and the Bestie, Sisterakas, and The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin) are available on Netflix. And yes, he’s still the Phenomenal Box Office Superstar with combined grosses of films, 4.5 billion.

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