US-based Pinay businesswoman Lanie Santos promises to help poor children in the PH

Lanie Santos, founder of Lanz Boutique,  have loved colors, patterns, checklists, and diaries (the little ones with locks and keys) since childhood.

She also has this vivid memory of their kitchen back home and a small Rolodex calendar that sat on the countertop.

“Each morning, I was responsible for turning the crisp page to the new date. Why does that stick with me? I’m not entirely sure, aside from the fact that it was part of my daily routine. 

“But I like to think that, at the root of it all, I was learning something essential about the passage of time and how to treasure the promise of a new day―a clean slate.

“It was in those early years that I began to feel the significance of starting each day with a grateful heart. After all, the troubles of yesterday were over, or most of the time, at least not as terrible.

“As a kid, being “in the moment” was grand, and the future was so full of hope. I grew up very conscious of time slowing to a crawl and suddenly, everything going by “too fast.”

“Seasons, holidays, birthdays, reunions, and even deadlines―these were everything.

“The clock, the sun, and the stars anchored me: they held the people I loved, along with our struggles and joys.

“Anyway, enough of my musing. But I guess all that is what led me to my specific passions of planning and journaling.

“While I love fashion and design as well, scheduling and concretely documenting my time is important. I consider myself both visionary and record-keeper.

“You know, I see the planners of busy women as near-novels, life stories that ebb and flow, spin and erupt, begin and someday end.

“A narrative told from the perspective of a busy woman writing in her planner―now there’s a book I’d read!”


“My grandparents used to tell me that if I did something I loved, I would never have to work a day in my life. I’m sure you’ve heard a similar sentiment.

“While I’ve certainly had to work hard despite my absolute love for all things planning and fashion, I understand what they meant, and I have enjoyed my endeavors. All this to say, I’m happy to be where I am.”

Thus, Lanie, who is based in Philadelphia, USA, created the BUSY LIFESTYLE PLANNER and is offered to busy women like her.

“My plan for the “Busy Lifestyle Planner” is that it lands in your hands and that you find it fitting and joyous to record your life in such a manner. The planner serves not only as a calendar and to-do list but also as a journal.

“Along with monthly and weekly reminders, your goals (both long- and short-term) are important. You’ll find areas to scribble in dinner ideas, gratitudes, notes, and much more, but you’ll also discover pages dedicate to you―you and your beautiful dreams.

“I never want you to lose sight of what makes you who you are. That’s why I’ve included a space for “The Big Picture,” a vision board, and a goal-setting section. In essence, your planner becomes a great story of yourself.

“And trust me: it is so rewarding to look back through old planners. You see where you have been, where you still are, and where you’re headed. Planners are personal tales of growth.”


“I can promise you this: My company caters to the needs of busy women, who are constantly on the move and doing their best to strike some sort of balance. I desire for you to experience laughter and love. I even long for you to embrace challenges and heartache because all of that makes us stronger. 

“I also promise you that in the golden age of information, technology, and fast-paced living, there is something to be said for sitting down with a tangible collection of your days.

“It’s not floating around in the digital ether, on some invisible cloud. It’s in your hands, and you can color-code it and adorn it with stickers. You can pen your thoughts and reflect. You can feel the crisp page and turn it.

“I’d also like to promise that 15% of all Lanz Boutique’s profits will go to fund the education of poor children in the Philippines―my home country. My family still lives there, and more than anything, I want to give back to the land that raised me. Check out ANCOP (ANswering the Cry Of the Poor) and their tremendous work in the world.

“Warren Buffett once said, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 

“My passions, plans, and promises revolve around such an idea. Indeed, I hope the BUSY LIFESTYLE PLANNER is a great tree that I’m planting. And I hope you enjoy its cool, transforming shade.”

Furthermore, Lanie said that her family and friends mean everything to her.

“They are a huge part of why I could and did begin this company. I’m passionate about style, organization, and handwriting.

“All of these interests led me to design a planner that focuses on your vision, goals, and daily living.

“I hope you enjoy your “Busy Lifestyle” journey!”

Know more about the BUSY LIFESTYLE PLANNER @  

Meanwhile, Lanie also has a Youtube channel (Lanz Santos) and will feature Filipina actress Jenny Umali as her guest in the episode entitled Buhay Amerika.

It will be on September 26, Saturday, 10 am EST/10 pm GMT +8. 

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