Tony Labrusca stays in shape, enjoys eating at Basci Bro’s

Kapamilya actor Tony Labrusca is one of today’s hottest actors. From doing ‘Glorious’ to ‘Sino Ang May Sala,’ there’s no stopping him from achieving more. Recently, he was being welcomed as the face of Bacsi Bro’s (at Ayala Malls Marikina).

Supported by his fans and peeps in Marikina, the young star was very happy with the success of the event. Bacsi Bro’s is the first and only brand that offers Bacon, Corned Beef and Hotdog in a wrap. 

You can choose from variety of favorite shawarma fillings perfectly made and invented for everyone’s craving. 

All-day breakfast is a very popular heavy meal in the Philippines. Basically, it is garlic fried rice and fried egg combined with any dish such as Tapa (cured beef slices). 

More and more dishes are being mixed with it to make new favorites.

Bacsi Bro’s is a new food concept that aims to bring All-day breakfast meals to a new heights. Its very own signature sauces add flavour to its meals. 

Here’s what makes Bacsi Bro’s unique!

Bacsi Bro’s Product includes:

1Bacsi Wrap – combination of bacon, scrambled egg & baked pita bread

2Cornsi Wrap – combination of corned beef, scrambled egg & baked pita bread

3Hotsi Wrap – combination of hotdog , scrambled egg & baked pita bread

4Tapsi Wrap – combination of tapa, scrambled egg & baked pita bread

5Tosi Wrap – combination of tocino, scrambled egg & baked pita bread

They also have breakfast meals: BacsiLog, CornsiLog, HotsiLog, TapsiLog & TociLog

Bacsi Bro’s basic ingredients:

Pita Bread – is made with careful thoroughness and quality, always ensuring freshness with no preservatives.

Meat- are made sure to present 100% pure beef with wholesome flavor, immaculately packaged to retain its savory taste to their customers.

Vegetables – served with organic cucumber, tomatoes and onions, the shawarma is perfectly balanced with a Filipino twist.

Sauce – plus your selection of creamy cheese sauce, savory garlic sauce, and tangy hot sauce or combined them all for a wonderful shawarma experience!

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: Php 180,000 – 350,000

Total Investment – Php 611,000 – 2,000,000

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