CELEBRITY TONY Labrusca has a very good reason to venture into a business he’s been concocting for a long time already.

Through his very good friends and manager Mario Colmenares, he was able to learn the ropes of the trade with his partner Jay cruz and come up with different variants of thirst quenchers-Dèjá Blend.

“I am not an endorser here. I am part of the business. It is a business venture and something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. I have been starting to look into my future. My next option after showbiz. It is a blessing that came at the right time. I am looking for stability. And yes, this early when I am just starting in the business of entertainment, certain goals have been set.” 


Their newest business franchise WBC Food Kiosk has conceptualized a 4-in-1 beverage cart, kiosk and store and called it Dèjá Blend. Dèjá (French) meaning ‘already.’ So when prospective market or buyers drop by the store it means “already blended.”

At the launch, we were served Frappucinos, Milk Teas, Pearl Shakes and they added the Lemonoids (for lemon squeezed).

The business began two years ago. The taste of each flavor is a concoction of local ingredients  and some imported ones that make Dèjá Blend a perfect blend.

There are three branches- in Taytay, Legarda and Recto.

“I am tasked to help boost its marketing and advertising initiatives. I was on the lookout for an investment and this is what I found. More branches will open soon.”


Life after La Luna Sangre?

“I am doing 3 movies. 2 are indie. I was given the privilege to work with “the” Eddie Garcia in ML (Martial Law). It’s gonna be an interesting movie. A thriller. I was very nervous sa first scenes namin. I learned so much from him. He’s the man.

“The other one is for Cinema1 Originals. “Double Twisting Double Back with Joem Bascon. I play the role of a gymnast. It’s a psycho-thriller. You will enjoy the movie. It’s very scary from Joseph Abello. Butt exposure? Not at this time. There’s going to be a reason for it.  But in most scenes, I am shirtless. And my character has this sickness called DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). So, it’s kinda dark.”

For Tony, his timing is in a good spot now. Both as an entrepreneur and an actor!


IN THE URBAN DICTIONARY, a car enthusiast is “an individual that loves anything to do with cars and their counterparts, one who can talk for hours about cars and not get tired of it. These people do not hate on others for their vehicle choice and modifications but simply encourage creativity and learning. Some enjoy just talking about their rides and others like to get their hands greasy. There are those who put time and money into a project car that brings pride to themselves and a beautiful sight and sound for others.”

That great rear wheel drive!

And for someone like Marlon Villarojas whose car from his collection was used in a car mob when Vin Diesel came to the Philippines to promote the “Fast and the Furious 6” movie, he takes great pride with it.


“I am a legit businessman. Nagbebenta ako ng mga piyesa ng mga sasakyan. Here and abroad. I worked in Toyota before as a topnotch marketer. I am also a business consultant for several years na-in management, marketing, public relations, finance and more. And also a Japanese interpreter.”

Facebook and the other social media platforms played a good part in Marlon’s life. When he delved into politics and runs as Councilor for the 5th District of Manila, he gained not just friends but families as well. He didn’t make it but his goal in servitude remained. As he continues to help more people.


Showbiz had a way of calling Marlon’s services. He gained friends and anytime they need his services as an actor, as Direk Neal “Buboy” Tan would put it, “Mabait at hindi nagpapabayad.” Marlon is in Direk Buboy’s “Men In Uniform.”

And whether you are dealing with people who love cars or showbusiness, you are not spared from the intrigues, the bashing and stuff.

In that area of being a wheel-dealer, sprung so many issues people are accusing him now.

“Minsan ko lang pinost ‘yung Benz ko, ang dami na nainggit at nag-kwestyon kung bakit ako nakakabili ng mga mamahaling sasakyan. Kung nagbabayad ba ako ng taxes ko. Oo naman. Pumipila pa ako ng ke aga-aga. Bakit daw nakakapagpasok ako ng mga sasakyan sa atin. Masipag ako at pinaghihirapan ko lahat ng properties na nabili ko. Ang dami nilang bakit. Pinapalabas na illegal ang ginagawa ko. 

“Pati ang paga-artista ko, pinapakialaman nila. I am doing the bit because I want my kids to be proud of me. Na sa screen man lang makita nila ako. Maliit man na role ‘yun. I want them to be proud of me.”


And the best way he did was to close his social media accounts and just continue taking care of his businesses.

The acting bug will definitely be under his skin. As the friends he has gained are always on the lookout for Marlon’s services.


The car enthusiast continues to love his cars and everything about them, enjoys buying, collecting, working on them, modifying, the works!

Don’t get yourself jealous!




He ranted in his social media accounts about a writeup that he is no longer doing the “Darna” bit.

“Just had a few people text me about this. This is not true. FAKE news. I’ve been with “Darna” project for three years now and I am still here along with my team. I maybe a hard ass but am not a quitter. When I accept a project I see it through to the end whether it’s a tough climb or an easy one.  I owe it to everyone who committed to the project. I always see it through and be the last person to waver and have doubts about the project we embark on. And for “Darna,” no matter the years we put in our commitment to see it through stays. I am a finisher. #theprojectthatshouldnotbenamedyet”

And about three years ago, we were already awed with the teaser that Direk Erik showed in several cinemas.

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