‘This Is Me’ not a copycat of Sarah G’s concert—Clique V, Belladonnas

‘This Is Me’ means showing full identity of an individual but for today’s leading teen groups Clique V and Belladonnas ‘This Is Me’ means one family, one group, one big effort. More than showcasing each member’s talent, the concert is an all out collaboration, an original show not a copycat of Sarah Geronimo’s concert title clarify two groups.

Whatever. A show is still a show. The two groups managed by Len Carrillo of 3:16 have experienced good and bad days but they have remained thankful to talent manager for always believing, for always guiding them. 

While others comparing their concert to Sarah G’s concert, they are pretty sure that the show is gonna be honest, pure, and hot. Good thing about them, they know what their brand is. 

3:16 lady boss finds it so fulfilling helping young dreamers achieve their dreams. Clique V and Belladonnas always touch Carrillo’s heart. “Nanay” in the company, “nanay” to boys and girls. That’s just how blessed these guys are, having that kind of “nanay,” who has always been supportive. 

My friend tells me it’s hard to manage all-male group. They give so much stress. I know how hard but Madam Len learns to stretch her patience, learns to be more accepting, learns to be more understanding. That kind of job is tough. These guys and girls better behave or else! 

Clique V and Belladonnas with talent manager Len Carrillo

To Clique V and Belladonnas, why not dedicate a production number to Nanay Len? More than the goal to entertain your audience, it’s always a nice move to recognize that one person who believes and who protects. 

Catch them live on February 23 at the SM North EDSA Skydome, 7pm with special performances by Kyline Alcantara, Hashtags CK and Zeus Collins.

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