This October on GMA 7, the first Filipino anime series is set to shower love featuring the voice of Sylvia Sanchez.

Career’s a priority, perfect timing for Sylvia as she discovers new adventure.

The actress also prioritizes her family, spending time with them. Her instagram posts show how lucky and blessed she is as a mother to actor Arjo Atayde and actress Ria Atayde.

Excited Sylvia spends time with co-stars at the press launch of “Barangay 143.” Ms. Cherie Gil also graces the event.

“Barangay 143” is a feel-good coming of age story of a young Korean boy whose search for his father brings him to the Philippines.

Lost and desperate for answers, is here in this foreign land that he finds an unlikely family in a team of misfits whose only ambition is to bring glory to their hometown.

It’s a story about love and family set against the action-packed world of street basketball, where the stakes are always high and life the biggest game you can win.

Produced by Synergy88, TV Asahi (Japan) and August Media Holdings (Singapore), “Barangay 143” highlights celebrity cast including Alice Dixon and John Arcilla and millennial heartthrobs, Julie Anne San Jose, Kelley Day, Migo Adacer, and Ruru Madrid.


The first Filipino anime series also features original songs from Pinoy musicians and pictures Tondo.

“Within the series, the comic strip and even the game we have tried to capture the real-life experiences of the Philippines through the art and the sounds,” said Jackeline Chua, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Synergy88 Digital.

“With Barangay 143 Street League we also created a unique experience that helps players compete with friends in cyberspace but get their wins rewarded in the real world.”

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