Sip tea and coffee with Jojo Alejar starting July 27

YOUR “tea and coffee” in the morning!

This is the slogan of the newest one hour program that will be aired over TV5 Fridays from 6-7 a.m.

Jojo Alejar anchors the show with Lad Augustin, Loy Oropesa and Joey Sarmiento. It is produced by Alas Pilipinas Multi Media Corporation and powered by Rainbow Cement Corporation.

“Ronda Patrol, Alas Pilipinas sa Umaga” is a lifestyle morning show, your line to life, light and color.


It is produced for global community of critical thinkers dedicated to living well being while doing good. It is their vision for the show to deliver the best of lifestyle content with a very talented and charismatic host in the person of Jojo.

“This is a lifestyle show set in the heartland of the viewers. This is the right time for this kind of show and it will resonate with our viewers in the country this season. A segment of the show “Ronda Patrol, Alas Pilipinas” wherein the Ronda Riding Squad reports, committed to contribute to the establishment of the country, order based on freedom and lasting peace. They ensure the lasting effectiveness of peacekeeping operations to build partnership with the stakeholders,” according to Alejar.

The hosts boast of having vibrant personalities, producing a fast-paced environment and proven performers with a strong leadership and social media skills.


Co-hosting in the show is his former colleague in “That’s Entertainment,” Lovely Rivero.

As far as bringing the segments into one’s daily dose of the current issues, travel and trade, fashion trends, business topics and more, the team is keen on showcasing views from builders, developers, interior designs, bookers and investors boosting real estate markets.

Everything under the sun!

Lovely has been doing the hosting bit for quite sometime already. But every now and then, she lets the acting bug get into her skin.

Starting July 27, your Friday mornings will take on a new path.

“Maiiba kasi kami ni Lovely ang nandun!”


Wit and humor is Jojo’s charm. Lovely’s is the transmitter of information, to keep abreast of what’s happening around.


IF LOVELY is a vessel of information in her forthcoming talk show with Jojo, the producer of BG Productions International, Inc., Madam Baby Go has started to be a conduit of goodwill in as far as managing talents is concerned.


She believes finding an artist to manage is a hit and miss thing.

While one artist had a problem because of the mother’s attitude, she didn’t mind if she lost her. Meaning, the contract was nulled.

When one is lost, most probably there will be a new one to be found.

And if it’s meant to be, everything will just fall into place.

Enter Mark Mabasa. I have long known the guy when he was doing the sing-along bit at the different comic clubs.


He’s done the rounds of singing here and abroad since he was 16 years old.

The one person who took notice of the talent in Mark is the Hitman David Foster who guested him in the show where Natalie Cole, Boyz 2 Men and our very own Charice (now Jake Zyrus).

“I have done the rounds of several countries, tita. A Malaysian producer saw me sa isang event ng isang bank. He invited me to guest in Malaysia. ‘Yun pala may Singapore pa and the rest of the world. 32 countries pala,” said the charming Mark.

How did he land in BG’s company?

“I was invited to guest in Madam Baby’s forthcoming show at the Music Museum on September 8. Thanks to you! Meeting. And she and her daughter Ma’am Jean and her son Jerome listened to my performances. Natuwa. Madam Baby asked about my career. If I have a manager. Sabi ko I’ve been looking. Pati publicist. ‘Yun din ang gusto ng Dad ko (Percy Lapid). Everything happened so fast. Without much ado, I signed a contract na. And hoping to have my dream of having a recording, an album fulfilled.”

On his own, Mark strikes anywhere where his talent is needed.

“This July 25th, I will perform at the 102nd anniversary of PNB, August 1-4 in Davao with Madam Baby, then September 8 in Music Museum, and right after the show, fly na ako for the September 9 Philippine Festival in Japan and on October 20 in San Francisco, California, USA.”

Mark’s passion has always been to make people happy with his songs. Whether covers or originals, this guy’s emotions are incomparable in interpreting them.


“Hugot, tita. Own style. Hindi kokopyahin. Sarili ko.”

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