Singaporean businesswoman hands “Leni Laban” painting to Robredo

Singaporean Businesswoman Priscila Teo gifts VP Leni Robredo what she calls a Unity painting during her thanksgiving party in Ateneo to show appreciation for her service as Vice President and, most importantly, as a gesture of peace and unity for the whole country.

In a Facebook post, Priscila Teo also congratulated presumptive president Ferdinand Bong Bong Marcos Jr. as well as all the other elected candidates.

Ms. Teo said she is looking forward to see the administration and everyone in the Philippines unite and work as one towards progress and a better future.

Priscila Teo had her Filipino business partner, Kristine Lim also known as the Artist on a Mission of Art Lounge Manila, make the painting; but  it was their other business partner, Mr. Music ~ Jonathan Manalo, who  thought of the title for the painting entitled “Leni Laban.”

The title was based on the song that Manalo’s group wrote for the VP during her campaign period. Priscila believes this is a wonderful sign of respect, unification, and harmony that though Lim and Manalo, and voters supported different candidates during the election it is always possible and better to move in solidarity for the sake of their nation.

The painting was turn overed with Susanne Tiausas, the owner and Managing Director of Art Lounge Manila. Priscila Teo is the founder and president of a Singaporean company called AOR Global and the founder of Academy of Rock, Bamco and other multi-national companies.

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