SEXY AND I KNOW IT: Enzo Pineda is fitspiration!

“Ang totoong Enzo—totoy, relax lang, simple lang.”

They say that inspiration is where you find it. Some turn to people, or food. Others look to art or nature. Hunk actor Enzo Pineda finds motivation from his followers, career, and inspiration within himself. In this age and day, having a perfect shaped body is a validation that one really worked very hard. But for Enzo, health is so much more than a perfect body. It becomes part of his lifestyle, more of taking care of his health.

He was the cutie, serious one during his StarStruck days in 2009, a reality-artista search competition on GMA-7. He was announced as the 1st prince in 2010 and that started his career as Kapuso star. Some of his first Kapuso TV shows were Diva, Time Of My Life, Together Forever, Kakambal ni Eliana, More Than Words, My Faithful Husband, and Because Of You. While his first big screen appearances were My Kontrabida Girl, Basement, Sundalong Kanin, Ang Hapis at Himagsik ni Hermano Puli, Bar Boys, Da One That Ghost Away, and Time and Again.

After his almost 8 years of stay on GMA, he has finally decided to enter ABS-CBN. Now he’s under ALV talent management and Star Magic. 

As an actor, Enzo is aware that he has to always look good. There are eyes everywhere looking at him, judging him. In this arena, the only way to go up is the ability to stay strong, to look good, and to showcase undeniable talent. Though busy working as an actor with taping and shooting, Enzo never forgets to take care of his body and eat proper food. 

This year, he considers, is his best form from having a peaceful mind to having healthy body. As part of his job, body is where he gets his money. It’s like a property that he should take care of. He always makes sure that he presents himself very well to the public by posting fitspiration on instagram and by being a healthy advocate on TV.

“When I started doing roles that require me to show my body, the reality of my own health became a very real thing,” he shares.

He’s out there, showing his skin with confidence so that more people will get inspiration to work out, to always be healthy. At young age, Enzo decided it was time to start his journey towards fitness, healthy living, enjoying his life, and loving himself. 

With almost 500 thousand followers on instagram, the Kapamilya actor puts his best, unfiltered, real self. It’s like showing his followers that having a healthy body takes a lot of hard work. It’s not that you go to the gym and that’s it.

As Celebrity Radar sits down with him, during “Malamaya” presscon, he shares his workout, diet, and the food he eats. “Malamaya” stars Sunshine Cruz and him as the lead actor. The title is a Tagalog term for the color of ash or gray. 

The story takes the viewer on a sensual journey through the eyes of Nora, a 45-year old unmarried visual artist (Sunshine Cruz) who is in an undefined relationship with a fellow artist named Jim (Raymond Bagatsing). Nora’s dull and and uninspired life takes a colorful turn when she pays a visit to the university where her friend Alice teaches. 

Here, Nora meets Migs (Enzo Pineda), young, upcoming photographer. The attraction between the two is instant. Visual artist and photographer then embark on a passionate love affair that ignites their respective lives and artistic endeavors.

“It was tough. Ginawa nalang namin ‘yung mga eksena. I’m having a sexual scene with Sunshine Cruz and bilang lalaki I have to gather a lot of confidence with myself para makasabay lang ako sa kanya. Bago ako pumunta sa set, kino-condition ko ‘yung utak ko na I’m this type of guy that Sunshine would probably be want in her life. Kung hindi ko kayang i-achieve ‘yun, hindi rin s’ya makakakuha ng connection with me. I have to really step up my acting game para maging convincing ako.”


“I’m not the type of actor naman na I’m gonna do it para i-expose ‘yung sarili ko, I have to see the bigger picture. ‘Yung kwento. ‘Yung pelikula. Kung talagang dapat maghubad, e gagawin ko. Tumatanggap ako ng mga role not just to have a thrill but for it to have an impact on society. Dapat maraming lessons.”

Enzo shares the lessons of the film, “Love knows no age, gender, boundaries. Maiintindihan nila dito ‘yung paghihirap ng isang artist. Makikita n’yo kung gaano kahirap ang buhay ng isang artist.”

This Cinemalaya entry is a big break for Enzo who is bent on trending the path towards being a serious actor. For this film, Enzo daringly went out of his comfort zone. “Parang buong kaluluwa ko inexpose ko na sa film na ito,” he says solemnly. The 28-year old actor not only bared for his love scenes with Sunshine, he also shared a number of dramatic highlights with the actress that showcase his depth and range.

The film is directed by two female directors  Danica Sta. Lucia and Leilani Chavez. Produced by Spears Films, ALV Films, and Cine Likha.


Along with improving his own life, Enzo has made it his life’s work to encourage other men to become the best versions of themselves, no matter what size they may be. His fitness and fashion posts on Instagram (where he has almost 500k followers) motivate men of all shapes and sizes.

“May mga times na nagha-high protein ako, high carbs, pero kapag nasa taping ako, nagve-vegetarian diet ako. So buong araw nagbubuco juice lang, fruits, and veggies if I have to prepare for something. Kapag taping kasi, doon ako bumabawi sa diet ko. So kapag may mga days na nagwowork out ako, I eat more, I eat protein. Unconsciously, nag i-intermittent fasting ako. Ginagawa ko sya. Kumakain lang talaga ako after lunch. Kung kumain ako ng 9 pm, kakain ako next ng 1 pm. Ginagawa ko lang ‘to, hindi ko namamalayan.

“I workout five to six times a week. That’s cardio, boxing, swimming, or weights. Minsan nagbody hit ako. Part s’ya ng morning routine ko, pagka gising ko diretso na ako sa gym to workout.”

The “Malamaya” star says he’s stronger, healthier, and happier. He has shed many pounds, but prefers to focus on his inner being. Less focus on the scale, more focus on feelings and behaviors and how he shows up for his life.

Whatever it is, he does it, he shows up. Whether going naked or being the best version of himself. At any age, any weight, any point in his life, he can show up. He’s worthy. He believes.

Working out makes him feel strong, confident, alive, and excited. He just keep going. Enzo adds being active and working out should be an integral part of our life. 

The sexy, charming actor will never get tired of saying and reminding to always treat your body right, exercise often and stay in shape. Our body deserves to be treated with respect every day, not just when you want to look a certain way.

Enzo adds taking care of our body can help us in so many other aspects: lower stress levels, longer life and a better mood.

“Do something good for your body. Get outside, get your body moving, and eat healthy,” Enzo ends. 

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