Rhyme Enriquez scores high on survey in Marikina City

They say beware of the “underdogs.” Not as popular as other candidates, not as seasoned as other politicians, Rhyme “Happy” Enriquez already made his mark from being newbie to topping local surveys in Marikina City (District 2). 

At first, his decision to run as councilor wasn’t easy. It took several considerations and took so much time to convince him to file for candidacy.

But it was his wife and the people that surround him that made him decide to run as councilor in Marikina City (District 2). 

He runs multiple businesses and supports advocacy like HIV awareness.

Recently, Enriquez supported “Happy Hugs for Love and Respect” that aims to raise awareness and encourage family and community support for persons living with HIV, persons with mental health challenges, and anyone who feels they need a hug or they want to share a happy warm hug.

The program began with a community free film showing of “Ang Timeline Ng Buhay ni B.”, an advocacy movie directed by Crisaldo Pablo starring Lotlot De Leon and Cogie Domingo, with Carl Labra, Regie Pasion and Billy Domingo.

Also, businessman-now running as Councilor shares his main reason why he runs. Since he has dedicated his life working as a boss, now it’s time to give back to his beloved Marikina.

But people don’t know that he has been very supportive to Tourism and livelihood projects for the people of Marikina City.

Enriquez wants to continue these activities and other worthwhile projects for the community — on a bigger scale — and he can only do that if he will have a “voice” in the municipality, given the chance to be elected as Councilor.

His achievements mirror how qualified he is as Councilor but one thing he always reminds himself—to always be kind, to always be humble, and to always be helpful.

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