Rhea Tan’s dream building to open in 2022

Set to be completed in 2022, Rhea Tan’s Beautéderm Building will contain luxury haven for shoppers (bags, shoes, other designer items), coffee shop for coffee lovers, gym for gym rats, and studio for shoots. “All in one building is really my dream,” Rhea said. 

No need to go out because everything will be there. The 7-floor building will for sure bring luck to Pampanga City and shape the beauty and wellness industry.

In an interview, Rhea said, “I am so excited that my dream building is actually happening, malapit nang matapos. My heart is so full. Basta’t ine-enjoy mo, mahal mo ang ginagawa mo, magflo-flourish lahat ang negosyo.”

This pandemic didn’t stop the Beautéderm CEO from dreaming of having her own empire. She also shared to her Instagram followers her latest baby, Beauté Beanery.

She wrote, “New baby. Soon.”

More than the fame and success, Tan wants to help more people and serve her true purpose.

“I just want to help people, to share whatever blessings God continues to shower me with, to make just one person happy and smile with the sweet aroma of a good life that they share with their family and loved ones, to see the joy of success stamped in the faces of my sellers and franchisees, to receive a text message that a seller of mine is able to put her child up to school or a franchisee is able to build his dream house with hard work and love as the main foundations,” she ended.

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