REÍ Of Sunshine: Beautéderm boss finds way to help people, builds “CONTRIBEAUT”

We always say behind every successful woman is herself. Today’s most talked businesswoman Rhea Tan, who will be receiving Outstanding Professional Awards from Superbrands, finds way to turn success into service.

Behind her success is her drive, her determination, her pushing herself, and most of all her believing in herself. After times of planning, Rhea introduces her newest baby—CONTRIBEAUT, a registered foundation by Beautéderm that aims to send kids to school.

Rhea believes that her purpose doesn’t stop from making other Filipina beautiful and confident. It also comes from helping other people whose lives are challenged by situation. She adds that it is God who keeps on telling her to always do what she loves with purpose and service.

“The purpose of this foundation is to extend help and to share my blessings. Matagal na nating ginagawa ang pagtulong sa ibang tao but this time, we have CONTRIBEAUT. Our Beautéderm is really growing and as we grow kasama namin lahat ng tinutulungan namin.”

Truly she is a ray of sunshine to everyone: from her staff to her beneficiaries. Her brightness, her light, and her energy that leaves in the room. Given her attitude of being open and honest, what keeps her on top is her purpose to positively impact the lives of others. 

She has done different charity works before and will never get tired of helping those in need. Helping other people feeds her soul and fills her cup. 

Beautéderm sees her as a human, not a big, bold boss who tells her staff what to do. She always shows her humanness. As a boss, she expresses herself and to her own style, strategy, and eye completely. This lady boss never wants to stop learning.

The results are more branches to open, more products to introduce, and more endorsers to welcome. This coming September 22, Beautéderm will be opening their flagship store at Marquee Mall in Angeles City with a lot of stars. 

It’s no longer a secret that she strives to have a positive impact on those that she works with and for. And she allows change and growth as it can bring new endeavors and opportunities. 

Even with all of the changes that life has brought her, it’s that love and passion that’s remained constant. The Superbrands awardee allows love and creativity pave the way for her success. 

The physicality of her customers speaks for the brand and its CEO but what truly speaks and reflects is the inner sunshine, inner glow, inner attitude that Rhea lives. By offering her service, she hopes to inspire and bring more sunshine to people.

Beautéderm continues to lead in the beauty and wellness industry. Visit their facebook page and instagram account for more exciting updates and surprises.

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