Quinn Carrillo overjoyed with success, manager mom’s gift

The Belladonnas’ queen Quinn Carrillo celebrated her 21st birthday with love and joy, thanking her supporters and manager mom Len Carrillo.

Quinn started her career with self-doubt but managed to gain her reign as Belladonnas member with the help of her mom.

She is now a woman with kindness, saying that she’s so blessed. The support that she’s getting from her mom is unquestionable, from managing the whole group to caring the whole girls like a real mom.

Now 21, she wants to improve her talent. Everyday is a learning for her, the lessons she got from her co-members, from her director, from the 3:16 family, from publicists Leo Bukas, Roldan Castro, and Dominic Rea.

“My dream po talaga is broadway musicals. Iyong acting, singing, dancing sa broadway. Patuloy po kaming nagte-training, workshops.”

One word: she’s grateful. She wishes, “Wish ko po ang more success sa career at more blessings for my family.”

Career is one gift. Another is her mom’s gift, the very expensive necklace that she always wears. It symbolizes her growth as a woman, and the mother’s love that never fades.

After successful concert, Belladonnas are preparing for dance movie, to be directed by Carlo Obispo.

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