PSR Picks: Women Of Local Indie Music

Photo from Jess Connelly's instagram account

Forget those tiring-basic-high-belted-music. Turn your ears on to this different radar, different flavor, different genre, different women—your women of local indie music.

For sound gives people a pleasure, a satisfying feeling that really goes inside nerves and just turns you into beating, singing, feeling that vibe.

These women give us chill. They set the indie vibe and you can’t just deny the fact that they are into it, they are chilling, they are killing every word and every beat that comes from these mouths.

Reese Lansangan

Photo from Reese's instagram account
Photo from Reese’s instagram account

 Ofcourse, she got that fashion sense. A multi-talented woman. A visual artist, fashion designer, author, singer-songwriter.

This woman has a taste of Regina Spektor. She is an indie-pop-folk artist that you will totally love. She’s your stylish girl wearing her culottes, pair of loafers, and a cool hair color.

Let’s chill and hang, just like your younger sister playing her ukulele, feeling that young and fun vibe.

Clara Benin

Photo from Clara's instagram account
Photo from Clara’s instagram account

Heard her music when “Araw’t Gabi” came out which she wrote for Jericho Rosales film. The fans loving her so much because of her soft, unique, adorable tone that made everyone fell in love with her. She put up her own EP and album back in 2015 where she originally wrote and produced.

Benin is the daughter of former Side A bassist and songwriter Joey Benin.

Her music is perfect for your normal-senti day or for your rainy-evening.

Jess Connelly

Photo from Jess Connelly's instagram account
Photo from Jess Connelly’s instagram account

She is the epitome of woman with unique taste of music. Maybe she’s tired of hearing your basic local songs. She is definitely your stylish girl and want to be with her squad.

Got the orgasmic texture of voice that is so satisfying. She writes her own song.

Follow her on Spotify for a total relief. Her music is unique.

Saab Magalona

Photo from Saab's instagram account
Photo from Saab’s instagram account

The Master Rapper’s daughter. She is the daughter of Francis Magalona. Making her own name in the local music industry with her band “Cheats.”

Her band, Cheats, made wave in the music scene as the most promising Filipino indie rock band. Cheats is composed of Saab herself, her husband Jim Bacarro, Ernest Agila, Candy Gamos, Mau Torralba, Manny Tanglao, and Enzo Hermosa.

She will make you scream and dance your feet off.

BP Valenzuela

Photo from BP's instagram account
Photo from BP’s instagram account

She is a singer-songwriter and independent electronic pop artist. Best known for her singles “Pretty cars” and “Steady.”

Valenzuela has performed on different music festivals like Wanderland Music and Arts Festival and Goodvybes Festival. She got that electronic vibe.

There’s touch of psychedelic tone when you listen to her. And she’s great.


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