Prioritizing family for John Estrada is worth it

Sorry girls, John Estrada is a family guy. To all aggressive fans, he has high respect for women. Women out there see him as someone who is husband material. I think, he’s every woman’s dream. But John is done! He shares priceless moments on instagram with his cutie daughter and beautiful wife, Priscilla.

In an instagram post, John captions, “I don’t care how busy my schedule gets. I find time to bring my wife and daughter out. Beach time.”


The photos he posted on instagram are all precious moments from a father who wants the best for his family.

Priscilla just recently celebrated her birthday. John writes, “To the nicest human being I’ve ever known, happy happy birthday my love. May the good Lord grant all of what your heart desires just because you deserve it. Thank you for being our everything.”


Finding and giving time for the people he loves is worth it. Look how it turns into blessings because he balances everything from career to family.

The multi-awarded actor manages to reinvent from womanizer image during his hey days to well-known, top actor. He is one of the great actors we have in Philippine TV and cinema. Others call him the next Eddie Garcia, John continues showcasing performances that truly award-winning.

Part of “Victor Magtanggol,” the actor wants every performance as big as his character. It’s easy working with Alden Richards because he is humble says John. His character is the most hated character now on TV. Truth is, John delivers! John shines!

If his love for acting is hundred percent, he also gives his total hundred percent to his business. From golfing to earning. From earning to putting talent and production house. John is giving opportunities to all aspiring stars. Part of that–basic acting, personality development workshops, and everything that will help them to be professional actors. His friend, Derek Ramsey is his business partner.

John plays all the roles from kontrabida to bida but his favorite role is being a father to his family who protects and provides. That’s how John works. He is just enjoying every chill time he has with daughter and Priscilla. He also set to do a movie that exposes drugs and fights drugs under the direction of Njel De Mesa.

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