Power of social media: Beautéderm CEO Rhea Tan taps influencer Zeinab Harake

Business mogul Rhea Tan is now using the influence of social media stars to promote her empire, Beautéderm. Adding to the list is internet sensation Zeinab Harake

With over 50 million followers, Zeinab promotes Beautéderm oral care products such as Koreisu Family Toothpaste, Koreisu Whitening Toothpaste, Etré Clair Refreshing Mouthwash, and Etré Clair Mouth Spray.

During media launch, the beautéful endorser explained very well each product’s use and strength. “Makikita n’yo po sa upcoming vlog ko ‘yung products, kung gaano sila ka-effective. Ginagamit namin sa bahay,” she shared.

Very blessed to have Zeinab as her endorser, the CEO praises the influencer and promises to take care of her as endorser and friend.

“We warmly welcome Zeinab to the family as she is an absolutely welcome addition as we spread Beautéderm’s message of love to her 50 million fans online,” Rhea said.

The leading brand’s president added, “I am so grateful for the love and support of all my ambassadors who remained loyal to Beautéderm after all these years and I am excited to be with our new ambassadors and have an exciting adventure with them in the years to come.”

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