The Filipina beauty Faye Tangonan gets what she wants—she had five titles (Miss Centro 3, Mrs. Kauai, Mrs. Hawaii Filipina, Mrs. Philippines Earth and Mrs. Universe International 2018) and now she’s the latest ambasadress of Gawad Filipino for International Women Empowerment.

39-year old beauty feels honored to be part of this year’s Gawad Filipino list of awardees.

“I felt so honored. I know that there are a lot of Filipinas out there who are empowered, but Gawad Filipino gave me this recognition. Such a humbling experience standing with other empowered men and women. I make sure that I continue to influence and inspire a lot of women.”

The awarding happened last December 17 at Tanghalan Pasigueño. Actress Patricia Javier was one of the awardees. Kapamilya actress Yam Concepcion received Best Actress.

This empowered women from Cagayan plans to launch her own foundation. That’s what she wants—helping a lot of people in her own ways.

“I’m planning to call it Ms. Universe-International Youth Foundation. My main goal is to help the less fortunate children.”

She’s based in Hawaii. But she keeps on coming back here in the Philippines. Her heart and soul belong here.

Definitely, she’s one of the most influential women. A caring one. A loving person. A giver. An achiever. She has everything to be called “empowered.”

Not just her works define her, but her genuineness defines who she is. She is a woman to admire to. A lot of young girls are looking at her, dreaming to achieve her achievements as a Filipina beauty.

“Always believe in yourself. Know your core. Be humble. It’s always good to not just show your beauty, but also show your worth as a human, as a woman.”

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