Philippine movie icon Hilda Koronel set to do comeback projects


GOT a message from award-winning actress Hilda Koronel’s partner Ralph Moore that there is a possibility that Susan Reid (Hilda’s real name) will be back to do some projects.

Said Ralph, “This is a monumental year for my wife, Susan Moore, PHILIPPINE movie icon Hilda Koronel. This marks her 50th year as an award winning actress. Her movies have been digitally remastered in 4K by Martin Scorsese and are world classics along with Hitchcock films, and others. Check them out, they’re powerful. My favorite is Insiang.

“I’m hearing from Manila that Hilda may be doing some projects this year in Manila to commemorate her years in the business. It’s a big accomplishment and she has my full support! Go for it, Susan, I mean Hilda!

“Your fans are waiting for you and not many artists talented enough to stay in the business for 1/2 a century!


We are waiting!


ALSO from the other part of the globe is a bit of tsika from our very own Gerald Santos who is making waves portraying the role of Thuy in “Miss Saigon.”

“Hello Tita Pilar! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

“It was an amazing White Christmas for me! We spent it in a cabin style hotel in Mont Soleil here in Switzerland! It’s like we’re in a camping but lots of celebration, food and fun! And on the 25th we went to Geneva, Lausanne and Montreaux.. It was a long day of travel and exploration but it was well worth it! We didn’t have shows on the 24th and 25th so we really made the most of our days off!

“On New Year’s Eve, we will be in Zurich by the Lake and have some dinner and drinks..We’ll also be watching the fireworks display!

“I didn’t make a resolution for 2019, but to summarize it, the Miss Saigon tour has made a lot of changes in my life both professional and personal, so i’m just gonna fully embrace the new me this 2019! And continue to grow as a person and improve my craft! Watch out for a new and better Gerald!”

And from his proud manager Kuay Cocoy (Romilo), “In Zurich, Gerald essayed his 500th performance as Thuy! This is indeed special! Gerald has become Thuy..Thuy has become Gerald! 

“From their rehearsals in London to their first performance at Curve Theatre in Leicester, UK to his 500th performance at the Theatre 11 Zurich, he is the embodiment of excellence, passion, consistency and professionalism! 

“He is every producer’s dream company member, every actor’s ideal castmate, and every show watcher’s performance-benchmark..Carry on Gerald! You are richly blessed! We are mighty proud of you Gerald : the one and only Thuy of the Miss Saigon UK/International Tour! Mabuhay ang talentong Pilipino! To God be the glory!”

Soon, like Ms. Hilda, Gerald will be in our midst to once again share their God-given talents to us!

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