Busy in a buzzy city.

After her role as an actress, Kathryn Bernardo switches to her real life roles– an over-achieved daughter, a mother of her pets, a kikay sister, and always fresh CEO.

At 22, she’s so busy.

But Kath understands the importance of having balance. The more balanced she feels, the more free she feels.

In the business she’s in, it’s so on point to manage time, schedules. That sense of balance is a major help to having clear mind, happy soul, and clean body.

The way I see Kathryn is she’s so focused. She loves what she’s doing. And she never stops herself from doing the things she loves as an adult like going to concert, watching movies with Daniel Padilla.

I remember after their trip in America, our dear friend Ogie Narvaez Rodriguez, who’s so close to Bernardo family, and Kath’s arm for KathNails, says Kathryn went to cinema (in Makati) with Daniel.

That’s how Teen Queen balances her life. She’s the ultimate kikay in the family. She loves having nails done and dressing up fashionably.

For millennial like Kathryn, devils are just so active injecting negative energy and destructing one’s mind. Kath unleashes her true potential through her sense of balance. She manages her time well. And at the same time manages stress.

“I always make sure na ‘pag sa taping, taping pero may oras ka kapag ganito ‘yung pag-uusapan sa bahay, may oras ako for myself to workout, kung anong gusto kong gawin with my friends so dapat i-balance lang lahat para hindi ka ma-burn out.”

Kilay is life, nail is life for a kikay like her but how is she as a businesswoman, as a CEO of her own company?

She’s goal-setter. She’s visionary.

The star of “The Hows of Us” aims to have 30 branches of her own KathNails by 2020. That’s how she thinks as CEO.

More than that.

“Sana mas marami pang customers ‘yung bumalik not just because ako ‘yung owner ng KathNails pero nagustuhan nila ‘yung service.”

What’s new.

“Wala pa kami talagang buong script for the movie pero something sya na of course romance because of direk Cathy.

“Yun ‘yung nagiging challenge sa’min kung ano pang bago ang mapapanood namin sa inyo. ‘Yun ‘yung goal naman ng lahat na kapag napanood nyo, ‘di nyo pa ‘yun napanood sa iba naming nagawa.”

From that little girl in Super Inggo to becoming a woman who loves kikay kit, who loves taking care of her pets, who loves spending time with fam, who loves putting her all for KathNails, Kath, at the end of the day, is an actress, a public figure whose life is open to public. How can a millennial woman like her balances everything? It’s so amazing and inspiring that millennials are taking over. Kath, a millennial woman, is so blessed having all these.

Know how.

‘Cos she’s paying big attention to what’s going on inside her heart and mind. That matters most.

Busy in a buzzy city. But never misses out the experience of LIVING, the act of BALANCING.

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