NET25 announces new gag show

Exciting times for loyal viewers as NET25 launches new gag show titled “Quezon Comedy Theater” or “Quizon CT,” airing January 9, Sundays, 8 pm.

Quizon CT is a show full of jokes and punchlines for every Pinoy family. As we’re still experiencing covid pandemic, this show is a good form of escapism.

It stars Eric, Epy, and Vandolph Quizon. Also part of the show is Vandolph’s wife, Jenny Quizon.

Martin Escudero, Bearwin Meily, Gene Padilla, Garry Lim, Tanya, Charuth, and Billie Hakenson complete the cast. 

Watch and laugh this January 9 on NET25! Quizon CT is directed by Eric and Epy Quizon. 

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