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Ryan Murphy takes his casting super seriously. Once he finds an actor that he likes, he’ll often re-use them in various TV show projects.

Case in point: Billie Lourd was on Scream Queens and now she’s a regular on American Horror Story.

For Murphy’s Netflix show The Politician, the cast is filled with a lot of newcomers (to the Murphiverse, not to acting in general — although there are some of those as well).

But, there are a few Murphy favorites in The Politician too. It wouldn’t be a Murphiverse show without some signature casting moves. 

The Politician started out as a show about high school students, with protagonist Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) starting his run as a student body presidential hopeful. 

Payton was desperate to win the election for class president to cement his entrance into Harvard and set him on a path to win the US presidency.

His classmates took the campaign just as seriously as Payton. There were rallies, polls, and a campaign team.

The rest of the season 1 cast was rounded out by the parents (and a grandparent in one case), but as we move onto season 2, the focus is on these one-time students, now grown up (enough) and running a real political campaign in New York. Okay, it’s also focused on Bette Midler, but that’s understandable.

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