Must-have Beautéderm product is now endorsed by Dingdong Dantes

The millionaire owner of BeautédermRhea Tan, has come thru with yet another A-list endorser and this time it’s actor and director Dingdong Dantes

Leading beauty and wellness brand CEO has managed to make it work. In her first post, Rhea showed a sneak peek of what’s to come this 2021 by sharing her picture with award-winning actor.

Dingdong Dantes with Beautéderm owner Rhea Tan

“I am so happy that Dingdong is now part of the Beautéderm family. The day is finally here that we can proudly say that Dingdong Dantes is officially a Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme brand ambassador,” she shared in an interview. 

Looks like this Cristaux Supreme serum will continue its hype from last year’s success. It is a must-have Beautéderm product for your beauty routine. 

“Cristaux Supreme erases two years’ worth of wrinkles in just two months of regular use,” the lady boss revealed.

Cristaux Supreme, perfect for all skin types and ages 18 years old and above, is an FDA-Notified product that increases collagen synthesis that lifts and moisturizes the skin; whitens the skins; minimizes skin puffiness; alleviates eyebags; provides glass skin; and defies aging.

And perfect too for Marian’s husband as endorser. Dingdong, whose amazing career spans almost four decades, is now one of the most celebrated and most respected actors in the industry.

“We men should take care of our skin too. Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme is an essential part of my daily skin regimen and as an actor, I use it daily to maintain the youthfulness of my skin. Cristaux Supreme is really age defying,” said the award-winning actor who just recently concluded his top rating primetime series on GMA-7, Descendants Of The Sun.

The newest face of Beautéderm added, “I’m very much aware of the long-term effects of my work to my skin especially now that I turned 40.”

Dingdong Dantes for Cristaux Supreme.

He continued, “I encourage every man to use an effective skin regimen like Beautéderm’s Cristaux Supreme as it will surely keep us looking fresh and youthful.”

2021 is another special year for Beautéderm as it marks the company’s 12th anniversary and the launch of Dingdong as brand ambassador is only the first of many surprises that Rhea has in store for the new year.

Dingdong ended, “I can now see and feel what Marian is gushing about. Beautéderm really is a happy and fun family.

“Aside from my wife, a lot of my friends are part of the brand as ambassadors. I can’t wait for all the promotional activities that we will do this 2021.

Beautéderm CEO Rhea Tan (left) with Marian Rivera (center) and Dingdong Dantes (right).

“I am so grateful and honored that Rhea got me to be a part of Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme and this for sure, will be an unforgettable partnership.”

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