The “music” of icon and the “laughter” of king

A dedicated song of an icon (Never Ever Say Goodbye) to a king who almost quit.

Two popular faces, two great voices in one stage on July 27 at Solaire, this is totally larger than life.

25 years of friendship always that memorable and fulfillment for Pop Icon Nonoy Zuñiga and King of Impressionism Willie Nepomuceno. Their journey, as real life buddies, is inspiration. That journey is a full understanding of language, voices, feelings, and differences.

On what they can share to public, Willie says Nonoy is a good joker, Nonoy says Willie is serious. That strong connection leads to a show “Music and Laughter.”


I asked Nonoy what’s his life’s themesong, the Pop Icon shares “Never Ever Say Goodbye.” A song that is pure and reveals his most honest sense.


What or who makes Willie laugh? The King of Impressionisn boldy answers the situation of the country. Used to receiving death threats, Willie no to impersonating any political figures now. But will continue to be true to his core. He highlights his reinvention to give his audience a pure, new material.

“Never Ever Say Goodbye” is a hit and for me it is fit for a friend who almost quit. Willie considers this new chapter a “second life.” Last year, he suffered from mild stroke. He shares that he almost quit but thank God he’s living the life. That experience is a life-changing one. An experience that changes Willie’s perspective in life.

Very youthful, Nonoy and Willie become stronger. You cannot simply stop them singing good songs and throwing good jokes because they have experienced life the hard way. Their “music” and “laughter,” our “music” and “laughter” too.

The upcoming show on July 27 is a presentation of true artists who have been very true to their purpose.

A dedicated song of an icon to a king who almost quit is a song of “friendship.”

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