Most inspiring philanthropist awarded to Beautéderm CEO

Gintong Parangal 2021 is recognizing Beautéderm CEO and President, Rhea Tan as ‘Most Inspiring Filipino Philanthropist Of The Year.’

Happening on August 20 at The Manila Hotel, Gintong Parangal aims to honor outstanding and inspiring Filipinos this year.

The organization wrote, “Rhea is an industry veteran who is driven by her passionate advocacy to change and beautéfy lives through the amazing products of her company.”

They are also going to honor Tan’s service to people with her Contribéaut that provides free sedondary and tertiary education to the underprivelege youth of her hometown in Vigan City and her force as a business mogul who provides sustainable jobs to countless male and female entrepreneurs throughout the country and around the world.

With effective celebrity endorsers, Tan’s empire has become a major key player in the beauty and wellness industry.

Her all-natural products continue to receive good reviews from regular users and celebrities who were actually posting about them.

Blessed with a humble heart that is heavily seasoned with love and compassion, the CEO continues to change lives with her generosity — the one thing that fuels her soul and defines her purpose in relentlessly carrying on with the transformative work that she tirelessly and passionately does everyday with her dedicated team.

Lots of great things are happening to Tan and her company. She announced that her dream building is opening soon with luxury haven (A-list Avenue), coffee shop, gym, and creative studio. 

“I am so excited that my building is actually happening, malapit nang matapos. Everything is there. My heart is so full. Basta’t ine-enjoy mo, mahal mo ang ginagawa mo, magflo-flourish lahat ang negosyo,” she ended.

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