Megastar supports brother’s political career

A message from the Mega:

“I just accompanied my brother Chet to the COMELEC. He and I had a long discussion for some time about this and came to this decision with hearts ready and willing to serve. I am and will always be behind him 110%. Cesar “Chet” Cuneta is running for Mayor of Pasay City. I pray we have your support – and we promise, all of Pasay’s earnings shall go to the city of Pasay and its people, and NOT INTO OUR POCKETS!”

Hear ye! Hear ye!


FOR her role as Rosella in “MMK” tonight, Janella Salvador learns to look for the magic in life despite tragedies and hardships.


Magic has always had a special place in Rosela’s heart which binded and bonded her to her Dad Ruperto (Tirso Cruz III).

But when he died, the family struggled financially where Rosella and her siblings were forced to work. She found her way doing her passion against the wishes of her mother Josie (Assunta de Rossi). For Josie, doing magic is a waste of time.

Was Rosella able to fulfill her promise to her father by achieving her dream of becoming a magician?

Raz dela Torre directs from the script of Joan Habana and also features Louise Abuel, Laisa Comia, Nikki Gonzales, Sophia Reola and Mutya Orquia.

We make our own magic, and when we do, we make others happier, and we make ourselves better.

Na naging patunay sa buhay ng Star Hunt Dreamer na si Rosella Rondez.


#MMKMagicofLife. From the longest-running drama anthology in Asia.


SOON in theaters is Erik Matti’s “BuyBust.”


From the Director’s chair:

Me and my partner in Reality Entertainment, Dondon Monteverde went around pitching to possible co-producers of BuyBust probably around 2015 while we were doing Honor Thy Father. We went to all the major studios trying to get any of their biggest female stars to do an all-out action film. We didn’t have a script then. What we had was a Keynote deck of images downloaded from the internet using other films with a short description of what the film is about. There were some interest from the studios but no one was ecstatic. For what looked like a standard mainstream survival man-on-a-mission action movie, the reaction we got was quite the opposite. The idea was clever, yes, but why do a movie like that? I always get that reaction for the movies we want to make in Reality. “Ok ang ideas n’yo a. Hehehe..” Then the topic moves on to other things almost hinting “Madaling mangarap Matti but let’s focus on what’s doable for now.” For one, action movies are expensive. Trying to, at least, do it well, is even more expensive. To have a female star do it is not worth the risk. Action is already tough to sell but an action movie with a female lead is even harder.

“There are a lot of projects that Dondon and I want to do that we know we can sell internationally outside of our domestic market but it always takes so much convincing to have people invest in it because they are always thinking of the primary Philippine market first. And for an expensive film such as BuyBust, it was scary for financiers to put in that amount of money without the assurance that the film can recoup its investment just in the domestic market alone. 


“If Reality Entertainment can just produce these films without help from anyone, we’d do it. But we always keep ourselves grounded on managing risks. Yes, we can do these risky projects that no one thinks should be done for the local market but we also want to arm the project with everything that can give it a strong commercial chance. We’re not stupid dreamers in that sense. BuyBust as a film has all the ingredients of a mainstream exciting event movie but we need big names attached to it to make its chances at the box office better. And big names can only come from big studios. And that’s where we need the partnership.

“So on March 2016, when Dondon and I were in Hong Kong Filmart going around looking for interesting films to buy for domestic release, we bumped into Boss Vic and Vincent del Rosario of Viva Films. I remember Boss Vic saying, “Walang magaganda ngayon dito, ano? Gawa na lang tayo!” We just smiled thinking that it will take months for us to agree on a project we can work on. 

“Cut to:

“Two days later, at around 7pm at the NAIA terminal where we just landed from Hong Kong and we were waiting for our luggage, Vincent called. He asked about what was happening to the project we pitched called BuyBust. We said we were parking it for now and was thinking of doing a horror project first entitled Seklusyon. Then he asked, “What do you think of Anne Curtis for that role?” I said, “She’d be perfect for it. But isn’t she doing a Star Cinema movie?” Vincent explained that they are putting it on hold for now because Anne wants to do a different kind of project and that’s why they thought of #BuyBust. After conferring with my partner Dondon (at the luggage section of NAIA), we agreed to set up a meeting for the week after. Then to my surprise, Vincent said that Anne is beside him and maybe I can already pitch it to her over the phone. And, on a long telephoto bokke lens, I pitched it over the phone in the midst of OFW’s and the lousy luggage system of our NAIA airport. 

“It’s ironic how we do all these formal pitches, preparing these elaborate Keynote decks to make a project appealing so we can sell it to investors only to sell it in the most unlikely pitching scenarios such as being in an airport.

“And the rest is history. Thank you Anne Curtis Smith. It took a big star like you to make this happen. And you made the right choice too.😉

“Cut to:

“Two years later, here’s the kick ass. We’ll Go international trailer they launched for our North American release for #BuyBustmovie. This will screen in US and Canada on August 10. 

“But don’t forget, we are screening here in the Philippines nationwide on August 1.”

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