Meet the female CEO behind Jenna Essence

Who would have thought that a Sampaguita vendor in Quiapo would one day become the CEO of her own empire and help Filipinos build their wealth and their future?

At 26 years old, CEO Jenna Reyes established her own skincare line called Jenna Essence. Now at 31, this boss lady has made her way to the top and created a space for herself in the skincare industry.

Her strong belief in her brand has opened opportunities to thousands of Filipinos to venture and create their own skincare business with confidence.

As her success ripples, Jenna Essence has been awarded as Outstanding beauty and skincare brand of the Year by ASEAN Excellence Achievers Award and the Top Tier of Success Seal of Excellence Award by the Gawad Filipino awards for her inspiring story and unparalleled contribution to the online selling industry. 

Growing up in the slums of Manila, Jenna is no stranger to the stories of hunger and poverty because she, herself, had experienced it all. 

Working under the scorching heat of the sun with her grandmother, Jenna sold sampaguita to earn money and help her parents feed their family. It was tough for young Jenna but what choice does she have? If she will not work, their family would starve.

However, despite the hardships growing up and the responsibilities on her shoulders, Jenna’s conviction to overcome poverty and become a superstar did not falter.

She wanted to become a singer. So when she gets into college as a working mass communication student in Lyceum Manila, Jenna also took her chance to audition in different talent searches, from GMA7’s Starstruck, to ABSCBN’s Pinoy Big Brother but didn’t make it. 

Jenna enrolled at ABSCBN talent workshops and she invested in her dreams. But life doesn’t happen the way she planned it to. 

Failing to get roles in her auditions and after she graduated from college, Jenna decided to try her luck being an OFW in Singapore and Japan, she worked there as an entertainer. 

But it wasn’t only because Jenna wanted to pursue her dream on stage. When Jenna’s beloved  grandmother got sick and hospitalized, she did not hesitate to leave the Philippines to help her grandmother’s medication. Unfortunately, it did not take long for her lola to succumb to illness. She was so heartbroken. 

For many Filipinos, working in another country is a way to rise from poverty. And being an OFW would mean tons of money as they pay higher compared in the Philippines.

But for Jenna it was different. It was one of the hardest times of her life. After working for several years, Jenna packed up her things and went back to the Philippines.

Gone was her dream to become a star because this time around, Jenna found a deeper sense of purpose, and this is her calling. It was to create her own skincare line which never did she knows would give her and her family the life that she’s been praying for since she was young.

In the 4th Year celebration of Jenna Essence, Jenna Reyes and Co are celebrating in full blast! This is to recognize with a grateful heart those who believed in her vision—the people who trusted her, her partners, distributors, and resellers.

Building her own company from scratch, Jenna showed us that the elixir to success remains the same—it’s never giving up and giving everything that you have.

Hers was a testament to what dedication and grit can do to ones who dream. This level of success is an inspiration to many of Jenna’s partners and even to those who just heard her story.

If a Sampaguita vendor, a Batang Quiapo like Jenna who struggled in life made her dream life happen, what more can YOU do? She is Palavarn, and she continue dominating the world of online selling. She is Unstoppable.

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