Meet the man behind Cage Gladiators

A gentleman from Ireland and the UK by the name of Laurence Canavan is helping people get trained in the ‘cage’ to make their dreams come true.

His visit to PH

“That was in 1992. The next time I came back, I totally love the kindness of your people. And that was the time I met my wife, Vianca. I met people who got me to put up the Cage Gladiators here. People who have been dreaming and wanting to do MMA but has got no resources.

“I was given the chance to be able to give back. By training and sponsoring people. This has been in existence for them longest time but nobody knows about it. Fighters have been competing and winning but people are not aware. With your help guys, this can be recognized. Because we want the Philippines to be its center in the whole of Asia.

“We’ve put up a non-profit organization with the mission to help people who wants to fight for a living and live to fight. This is to train them, especially impoverished  Filipino fighters to have a good future. We will get people and companies to sponsor them and share with them the business aide of it. I have seen a lot of them who really has the passion to pursue fighting in MMA. For pride. For glory.”

Why he want to help Filipino fighters?

“I always say, your country has given me so much. The hospitality is immense. You don’t go to a restaurant to eat. But a lot of homes are opened to you and you beome part of the family. So much love.

“I have made a life here. I have fought. As a soldier. As a gladiator. This has long been happening in your country. The fighters are hungry for more. So, we’re doing everything as it should be. We’re helping Filipino fighters campaigning in major MMA organizations. We will put up a website so they can see all the updates about the training, the fights so it will be its central office in the country.”

Photo from net
Photo from net

Some of the scholars include ONE Championship fighters Jeremy Miado, Mikuni Munsayac, Jomar Rush, Jason Vergara, Eric “The Natural” Kelly and Edward “The Ferocious” Kelly.

Added Laurence, “Cage Gladiators also has scholars in UFC. They include CJ “Goldenboy” De Thomas, Jenel “The Demolition Man” Lausa and Rolando “The Incredible” Dy. The URCC fighters include Drex Zamboanga and Rex De Lara. Glen Ranillo is a Cage Gladitor in the PXC. There’s even a boxer in Roman “The Hitman” Canto.”

In the future, big MMA events are in store which they plan to hold annually.

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