And from one of my favorite personalities-Ice Seguerra.

“I used to like Christmas. I used to look forward to this special season. Excited ako sa Noche Buena, excited akong makasama mga pamilya lalo na mga pinsan ko kasi mag lalasingan kami ng Cali Shandy. Exchange gifts, pupunta sa Greenhills para maghanap ng regalong worth 350 pesos. Excited ako dati sa Pasko.

“Kaso tumanda ako.

“Christmas became synonymous with “gastos,” bills, etc. Hindi na siya yung dating excited akong hinihintay. That special day I used to look forward to became normal.

“Kahit pala maraming mga taong nagmamahal ang nakapalibot sa iyo, sometimes, you tend to take it for granted kapag ikaw mismo hindi okay. And maraming pasko rin na ganon yung pakiramdam ko. I just go through it, for the sake of. 

“But this year is different. Maybe lumipas na ‘yung depression ko. Maybe my wife’s decor (na sobrang kinarir niya talaga) brought back that same feeling I had when I was younger. Maybe my conversation with my family over Noche Buena brought back happy memories. Tawanan, inuman, kainan, kuwentuhan. Simple, pero ibang iba. 

“I can honestly say I am happy. And excited. 

“To our help, Jenny, Vanessa, Ambe and Tony. Thank you for making things easier for us. I hope you all know how much I value all of you.

“My dearest friends, you make life more exciting and bearable. 

“Porky, Bacon and Doggy. You bring so much pure love and happiness into my life. Please stay forever.

“My daughter na talagang kinarir ang pagbili ng regalo niya para sa akin (may side note pa na sa akin napunta ang bulk ng shopping budget niya). I appreciate you for getting what I really like and I cant wait to play my new game. But Amara, I hope you know that you don’t need to do anything for me to love you. You just have to be yourself.  You are more than enough.

“My brother, Juanchi. Thank you for sharing the load with me. It’s less heavier kasi nandiyan ka. Actually, I worry less because I know you have everything under control. Thank you so much. For being my partner in taking care of our parents and everything else.

“I’d like to thank my wife for making sure our home feels like Christmas. Everywhere I look, paskong pasko (kahit nag na-number 2 ako sa banyo, paskong pasko pa rin ang feels). It matters, you know? That you care enough to make our house so beautiful for us kahit na alam kong pagod ka. For cooking the best food (14 hours Pochero!!!). Basta nandiyan ka, alam kong kaya ko lahat. Thank you for doing everything to make sure I am okay. For listening, for knowing when to talk and especially when to be quiet. Thank you for being you. You mean the world to me.

“My mama and daddy, just the fact na magkakasama

“My mama and daddy, just the fact na magkakasama tayo, na healthy kayo, wala nang tatalo dun eh. And I hope it will stay that way for a long long time. Thank you for always making sure I feel loved through your own little ways. At sana ramdam niyo rin kung gaano ko kayo ka-mahal.

“They are why I am happy. Sila ang aking pasko, ang aking bagong taon, ang aking araw-araw. Thank you for making me feel like a kid again. 

“Merry Christmas!




How was yours? 

Mine became more meaningful when I had that chance to visit where Christ was born. In Bethlehem.

And all my senses savored the scene that came to be thousand of years ago. When the Son of God was born.

I thank the friends I’ve made into the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in Dr. Love’s (Bro. Jun Banaag of DZMM) group with Tito Pepito Reyes’ Global Link Travel Agency.

Special thanks to our guides the four men in Egypt and Israel Micho Nasr, Marco Ahdy, Aladdin Siysm and Morad Tabar for the insights they gave us from the History, the Culture and other trivial things about the life and times of our Lord Jesus Christ here on Earth.

Christmas has a different meaning now in my life. Deeper. Indescribable. Something which only strengthened my faith.

A gift like no other!


AS I was browsing messages and interesting things to share on FB, something about his tale on Christmas caught my attention.

Says Direk Marlon Rivera, “Wait. Why am I “doing” Christmas? I know, I know. Reasons for the season eme eme. But still why only in December and what’s with this whole circus? Do it for the family? 

“Uhm I don’t need an occasion to break bread with my family. Do it for the children? The biggest winners of this season are the retail and wedding industry, Mariah Carey, and Jose Mari Chan. Do it for Christ? I’m sure the Sentinelese do not celebrate Christmas and somehow He will save them. Do it for the bonus? Uhm, that’s a state thing, so unless the 13th month pay comes from the church coffers, receiving it is not a question of religious membership. 

“So I’ve decided to no longer “celebrate” Christmas.  Intimate dinners and exchange gifts with close friends are still cool. Wine is good too. So there. Do not be surprised or offended if I wish you peace and goodwill in March or whenever I genuinely feel it, maybe even every quarter, or better yet every morning! If you celebrate Christmas, go! Good for you! 

“Getting that off my chest is a relief.  I will go back to my laundry and cooking. Like any day. 


That’s his way of looking at Christmas. In a very different light.


CARE to share what’s yours?

All I know is that Christmas lives in the hearts of each of us.

Some in December. Some in all days of the year.

No matter how we look at that special moment or what it means to us, the face of God gets clearer each time we spend its real meaning in our brothers’ lives.

Maligayang Pasko!

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