LST music production releases “Sana May Forever”

“SANA MAY FOREVER” is part of the 13 songs included in the album with the same title. The love album is produced by LST Music Production of Lorna Tobias.

Actor Arnold Reyes sang “Sana May Forever” and wrote the songs with LST. 

In the liner notes of the album, LST shared “Sana May Forever, The Love Album,” is about the greatest emotion that keeps the world going and makes life worth living-LOVE. It contains thirteen songs of the heart,  sung by various artists who were chosen based on their singing style and the quality of their voice. The twelve artists (Arnold, Brenan Espartinez, Jingle Buena, Lharby Policarpio, Suy Galvez, Renz Verano, Patricia Vardoza, Raynald Simon, Chivas Malunda, Laarni Lozada, Faith Cuneta and Edward Benosa) together in one album, is surely a treat to the music lovers. 

“The album is the result of the unrelenting determination and dedication to achieve an end by the talented men and women who unselfishly contributed their skills for the production of the songs and the album. Out of the brilliant minds and enduring hands of these men and women, a masterwork is born. The album is born out of love and passion.”

She especially thanked Arnold for “providing melody to my thoughts.”

And Arnold met LST in Cagayan Valley when he had a show there, in a town called Sta. Ana where here are fine sandy beaches and LST’s hubby is the Mayor, Darwin.

Arnold found out that LST is a music lover and has a great passion also for writing songs. 

Arnold was asked to make a song for Lorna’s husband for campaign, a slogan song which the people remembered and their friendship continued with coming up with this collaboratipn-an album.

“Hopefully, the next project will be a concert featuring all the artists in the album. Of course singing their songs from the album. (“Sana May Forever,” “Bakit Mahal Pa Rin Kita,” “Our Shadows Can’ Lie,” “Kung Malayo Ka,” “My Heart Aches,” “Hindi Na Ba,” “You Color My World,” “Wala Lang Ba Talaga,” “In Love Ako Sa’yo,” “Hindi Ko Kaya,” “Ikaw Yun” and “Mahal Kita.” Ang gaganda ng songs, the reason why apart from the digital platforms now in social media like iTunes, Spotify and Spinnr, naglabas pa run kami ng physical copies.”

Get your copies now with an album which have won the hearts of the people behind the PMPC Star Awards for Music.

So expect LST and her team to come up with more songs and another album to boot in the days to come!


OVER THE weekend, I was invited to grace the blessing and opening of a new brand of product that will surely get people addicted to its so namnam taste. 

Mahilig ba kayo sa mais? And you need not be corny.

Ms. Pearl Villanueva Nuqui, her brother Richard and Mommy Lulu of Forty Trading came up with the idea of bringing Magic Corn to the 17th country to elevate their brand awareness in the potential markets.

Committed in exploring and developing new products and ideas while maintaining their commitments to social and environmental causes in a proven operating network.

Pearl and Richard Villareal, sibling and prime movers of Magic Corn Philippines, believe that the real magic in the business they offer lies in the opportunities that abound for their prospective investors.

Born and raised in the Philippines, they migrated to the United Arab Emirates to join their mother, Lulu, then a highly successful Dubai-based entrepreneur. Both siblings called UAE their home. Their individual careers as airline crew took them all over thr world yet deep inside, they yearned to be their own bosses. 

Pearl, the company’s President and CEO started her foray into the world of business at a very young age. In 2001, she has conceptualized and developed the Magic Corn kiosk vending system into a very popular Franchise Food Chain Network.

She plays an integral part in having the brand distributed all over the Middle East, Africa amd North America while working hand in hand with her Arab and Malaysian partners. With her marketing expertise and a proven track record in sales, she paved the way for this “golden maize” be known to different nationalities. A proven achiever and a calculated risk-taker, Pearl has also introduced another successful food chains in the Middle East.

Richard, the company’s Vice-President and COO, is a business entrepreneur himself. Being a franchise owner of successful outlets in Dubai for over a decade helped him realize his dream of retiring early from his airline carwer. He is likewise an achiever and very passionate in what he does. His most valuable contribution to the team is his deep understanding of the Magic Corn business from a franchisee’s point of view.

As a way of giving back, Pearl and Richard are bringing the outstanding success of the Magic Corn concept to their countrymen. The brother and sister team is quite eager and excited to share their story of success-the possibility that dreams can come true!

So, I tasted the Magic Corn and mind you am not really corn-y. But loved it to bits.

Crunchy! Juicy! Healthy! Nutritious! 100% Natural. Non-GMO!

Magic Corn is a sweet yellow hybrid corn grown by their Malaysian partners in more than one thousand acres of prime farmland of fertile soil with particularly potassium, phosphate and nitrogen, which are very essential for sweet corn growth.

The farmers use modern techniques to produce better grades of maize. And their research team strives toeards improvement fpr longer shelf life and nutrition standard of corn. 

Each corn plant  bears one fruit. Magic Corn id processed  with specisl techniques to produce non-cut kernel by manually extracting kernels from its cob to retain the nutrients.

I tried their cheese and magic salt flavors! Five stars!

And who is responsible for bringing the sibs back to the country? Another entrepreneur in her own right. A woman who’s passion in seeing would be stars through that magic in her eyes have sent her to limitless boundaries of “creating” them.

In one of her trips to Dubai, her eyes brougjt her to a kiosk that is so eye-catching and says Magic Corn. Her friend is also a friend of the owners. The first meeting produced more endless meetings and friendship to reckon with.

So, Ma’am Wilma Galvante is Magic Corn’s Ninang. 

Magic Corn is located at the 5th level of Megamall in Building B right across the elevator! You won’t miss it! The smell of the juicy corn that wafts in tha air will lead you to discover magic in a deliberately delicious food!

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