Why we love & hate Aiko Melendez

A kontrabida icon is born. Everyone’s talking about Emilia Ardiente. She’s probably the most hated person right now. The very generous and lovable in real life Aiko Melendez portrays the very iconic kontrabida Emilia. The kontrabida we love and hate.

ABS-CBN has created iconic kontrabidas like Claudia Buenaventura (Pangako Sa’yo), Lavinia (Bituing Walang Ningning), Clara (Mara Clara), Selina (Mula sa Puso), and Scarlet (Iisa Pa Lamang). Now, with gays’ impersonation, Emilia Ardiente leads Philippine television as most talked kontrabida.

Aiko’s acting is incomparable. Her portrayal as Emilia is really an award-winning. Last Star Awards for Television, she won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Emilia. She is so believable as kontrabida. From raising her brows to throwing brutal, powerful lines.


Nobody but Aiko. She pulls that off. Her popularity as an actress really goes high because of her portrayal as Emilia. She’s killing every scene and we have to thank her for giving us a real experience. Aiko is a bullet to your gun. Shot her, and she’s a bullet proof. That’s how powerful she is as Emilia.

Everyone is shaking. I remember, we had a coversation with her last month on Wow It’s Showbiz (Ms. F as main anchor) and she said doing Emilia is so tiring but it gave her a lot of recognitions. She recalled being called Emilia and people would hate her. The power of being real to your character really goes back to you as an actress. It recognizes you. It challenges you. Aiko explores as an actress. Wildflower gives her so much premium as an actress.

Photo from Aiko's instagram account
Photo from Aiko’s instagram account

Wildest ending is coming. Emilia gets wilder and wilder. Aiko gets fiercer and fiercer. People recognize her. People love her. People hate her.

But who is Emilia behind the camera?

She is an empowered woman. A loving mom. An award-winning actress. So real and honest. We love and hate her not as Aiko but as Emilia. Because as Aiko, we always love her.

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