JM de Guzman still visits his Psychiatrist

FACE Blindness. That is the condition the main character Lio (portrayed by JM de Guzman) in Joel Ruiz’ “Kung Paano Siya Nawala” is afflicted with.

But that is just a part of finding it difficult to connect with other people in his story with Shana (Rhian Ramos).

If we are to define face blindness, “Face blindness is a brain disorder characterized by the inability to recognize faces. Face blindness is thought to be the result of abnormalities, damage, or impairment in the right fusiform gyrus, a fold in the brain that appears to coordinate the neural systems that control facial perception and memory.”

Simply put and used in the film, it is a cognitive disorder characterized by an inability to recognize faces. And in Lio’s case, did that change when he opened up his world with the beautiful free spirit he met who herself has secrets of her own?

I am just one of the many who was so happy to see the friend of my brother from another mother (Janus del Prado) grinding once again in the movie scene.

And JM is so back!


And was surprised when his leading lady, Rhian dropped the bomb that they have experience some sort of a face blindness when in the past, the starstricken Rhian have already met him in an event. Crushie sort of thing.

“Kung nalaman ko ‘yun while we were doing the film, I dunno kung may magbabago sa pagtitinginan namin as co-actors on the set. Well, wala naming magsasabing they wouldn’t fall for someone like Rhian. Ang maganda lang kasi sa amin, maayos ‘yung naging trabaho namin.”

And they even embarked on producing the film, as well.

“Ako, parang industrial partner lang. Si Rhian talaga ang all-out sa pagiging producer ng film. Pero syempre, kung sa efforts we really put our best foot forward behind and in front of the cameras.

“Four years ago pa ito crineate ni direk Joel. He looked lang for people na sumugal sa project. And now, thanks too sa TBA Studios. Tuko Film Production Inc. and Buchi Boy Entertainment dahil sa tiwala na ibinigay nila sa amin.”

Never nawala in an interview ang pag-delve into his lovelife. His soap with his rumored girlfriend has ended already. Have they parted ways?

“Meron pa rin naming communications. Wala pa naman kaming masabing label o level. We see each other pa rin naman at nagkukumustahan ni Barbie (Imperial).”

Would he say that what he has gone through in life has helped him make the ‘hugots’ in his acting skills?

“Up to now, I still see my Psychiatrist. Kailangan ko naman talaga. But am on the way to being healed. Para na rin sa sarili ko. Ako rin lang ang makakatulong sa sarili ko. But it’s a good thing na am being surrounded by family and friends na talagang naka-suporta sa akin, no matter what. Ang pinaka-mahalaga is to be trusted uli para magampanan mo nang maayos ang career na ipinagkakatiwala pa rin sa iyo. I have a coming up soap pero for next year na po ‘yun.”

If face blindness afflicts a lot, we can say and can apply it to a lot of stars.

But JM said, he is good at memorizing people’s names and faces.


There is something to learn pala in “Kung Paano Siya Nawala.” And JM and Rhian admitted that there are some sexy scenes they shared in the movie.

This will pit against Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis’ “Through Night and Day” on November 14.

Two love stories. Different attacks on romance.  Lovers embarking on a higher level of their relationship via a destination of a lifetime. A quiet and withdrawn man who meets his opposite and how the world opens up to them.

Nice stories ‘no! Watch them both!


DREAMERS are these lovers.

In real life, there are more to these dreamers.

Enter a songwriter I met who has created a number of songs. And most of them are now being played in YouTube.

Carlo Mendez started singing in 2013. His family is from Iloilo. But came that point that they had to stay in Olongapo to eke out a living.


Carlo loved to listen to Martin Nievera’s music. And his tita was so supportive of his talent that he was able to get gigs left and right in Olongapo.

That’s where he also found out that yes, he has a knack for putting his ‘hugot’ feelings into writing.

That is where “Bakit Ba” and “Sa Tuwing Umuulan” came to be.

When his deejay friends listened to it they all gave Carlo that moment to be featured in their radio shows in Olongapo.

Thanks to Infinity Records which gave Carlo the chance to sing it.

But this time, Carlo has other –plans. He wants to share his music to the world via another singer.

Enters his friend Tala Vera. Who is bent on trying it out in the singing field. And now in the process of choosing which piece to give life to.

“Bakit Ba?” has also been a part of OneMusic Philippines.

We shall hear more from him. At this point all he wants is to have a solid career in the music industry.

Listen to his songs.  Patikim pa lang ‘yan!


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