JBK’s ‘Anestisya’ enters Barangay LS’ TOP 10 list

Released just last Oct. 4, “Anestisya,” an ultimate hugot song, has entered Barangay LS’ TOP 10 list.

Barangay LS, Win, Wish, MOR and even those outside Metro Manila play it regularly on strength of word-of-mouth buzz. Listeners who have been touched by its raw feels have been clamoring for “Anestisya” and the song is expected to reach more listeners.

“Anestisya” by JBK is written by Yman and produced by Lester Ramos for Rider PH Studios.  

You can stan for JBK and support “Anestisya” by requesting for it on Facebook (Barangay LS and MOR) and by texting on Wish List (from 12 pm to 4 pm). 

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