Janjep Carlos inspired by Catriona Gray’s hard work

Janjep Carlos, Philippines’ official candidate to Mr. Gay World 2019, admires Pinay beauty Catriona Gray for showing determination before and during Miss Universe competition.

“I love Catriona Gray. Grabe ‘yung training niya,” he says.

Just like Catriona, he chooses his own clothes, learns to put make up, develops own walk, strategizes Q&A with the help of Wilbert Tolentino, pageant’s National Director.

The upcoming gay pageant is happening this May 4 at Cape Town, South Africa where he is competing against gorgeous men from all over the world.

Janjep shares, “Physically, I’m so ready. More on Q&A and ramp nalang pina-practice ko.”

Truly Caviteño pride, he continues learning people’s situation, how they behave, how they think, what they feel—and that becomes his advocacy—#IllnessToWellness.

For Mr. Gay World PH 2019 candidate, mental health is important as physical health. He traveled the world and discovered how the world needs to give importance on mental health.

“Depression is real,” he speaks. As candidate, he wanna show the world that the bigger purpose of the pageant is not just its glitz and glamour, not its title, not the crown, but the people you have touched and the people you have inspired.

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