It was and will always be a great honor to be lovingly called a mother—Lily Monteverde

VERY much hands on in her Christmas Party, as early as 5 p.m., the Matriarch of Regal Films wanted it to be perfect and special.

Her speech said, “In the so many decades that Regal Films has provided joy and entertainment to the Filipino audience, we have always considered ourselves as part of each and every family.

“It was and will always be a great honor to be lovingly called a “mother” because that is the way I would like industry colleagues to see me: no, I am not just a boss giving instructions, signing checks or occasionally berating my subordinates for tasks that needed correction. I am a “mother” because we all care and take care of each other. There will always be good times as there will be bad-but the love we have for our work and our peers can only come with mutual trust.

“In this season of sharing and reminding ourselves of the importance of gratitude, let us re-examine ourselves as part of one big family of film artists, technicians-or simply lovers of cinema. Let us be grateful for our blessings-and not give emphasis for things that we do not have or still desire. Instead, focus on what has been given to us not in terms of material possessions but the friiendship and love we share with one another.

“No one is poor that way. No one is alone. I have always said  that Regal Entertainment’s secret formula for decades of success and sustenance is the personal relationship shared by its workers-going over and beyond the importance of professional expertise.

“Nowadays, times are so confusing. The world is so angry. People are so divided. But as long as we are together and hold onto each other working hard for better years to come, the Regal family will move on and fluorish. That is why I am so proud to be a Mother. There is no greater joy than to see my children grow up and make the world a far better place.

“A peaceful and love-filled Christmas to all.

“Love, Mother Lily Monteverde.”

The party’s highlight was of course, the Matriarch’s sharing of her musicality. The talent in making music through the piano, the keyboards, even the drums!

Everyone had such a treat. Especially the card game of BINGO! And the rain of raffle prizes!

Party ala Monteverde!

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