Ina Raymundo reveals Ogie Alcasid wrote a song for her

IT was more of a confession when Ina Raymundo in an afternoon chitchat with some friends told that in the not-so-distant past, her leading man in “Kuya Wes,” where she was blessed with a Best Actress Award (at the Oporto International Film Festival) once tried to sweep her off her feet.

“Hindi ako sure that time kung nanliligaw na ba siya. Pero sabi niya nga, niligawan daw niya ako. What I remember was dumadalaw naman siya in our house in San Juan. We saw each other sa taping ng “Tropang Trumpo.” Basta ang alam ko noon, sabi niya gagawan niya ako ng kanta. Hindi ko nalaman kung ‘yung “Nandito Ako” ba ‘yun o iba pang kanta. At saka may iba rin ‘ata siyang nililigawan. In 1994 pa ‘yun,” Ina says matter-of-factly.

And Ogie Alcasid couldn’t help but blush.

“That time, talaga namang pagkakita ko pa lang sa kanya, talagang ibang klase na ang dating niya. And she wasn’t even the Sabado Nights girl. ‘Yung iba ang ganda tapos oozing with so much sensuality. Na hindi bastusin. Hindi ko lang talaga alam what happened at hindi natuloy.

“No, hindi naman selosa ang Misis (Regine Velasquez) ko. In fact, inamin ko lahat sa kanya in my confession ang mga naging crush at girlfriends ko. Oo. Medyo marami-rami. Siya ilan lang. So, alam niya na I really had a big crush on Ina. ‘Yun nga nag-try. Eh, dito pala sa movie na kami magkikita at magkakasama uli. Nung sinabi sa akin na siya ‘yung magiging Erika ko, syempre natuwa na ako.

“This movie “Kuya Wes has been a real faith journey for me. Who would have thought that at age 51 I would take a leap of faith of co-producing and acting in a film. Well, It was by God’s amazing favor and grace.  My profound thanks goes to the writers of the script Deniece and Heber O’ Hara and our  director James Robin Mayo. To my partners spring Films’ Erickson Raymundo, Joyce Bernal and Piolo Pascual, and the awkward Penguin Group, your vision for this film and your passion for the art of film making  inspires me to no end. To my co-actors Ina, Moi Bien, Alex Medina, Karen Gaerlan, Nestor Abrogena, Rubi Rubi, Star Orjaliza, Edmund Santiago, Gerard Acao, Renee Concepcion, Raqz Regalado,  Timothy Mendoza, Erika Clemente, Trisha Melocotones and Lulu Mendoza – I

am in awe of your dedication to the craft. To my dear manager Leo Dominguez who convinced that I should do this film and for his support for the promotion of the film, I am so grateful. Love you Leo. 

“Lastly to my loving wife who kept reminding me to not doubt myself anymore, I wouldn’t have the courage to go for it if not for your encouragement. Love you!”

Kuya Wes will  be shown in cinemas nationwide on March 13, 2019.

Looking for a producer was a big struggle for Ogie and his director last year because they wanted the film to be part of Cinemalaya. And what sprung was a collaboration with Spring.

“Nabanggit ko kay Papa P (Piolo Pascual) nang magkasabay kami mag-wee-wee na may story ako na ii-email sa kanya. Kung pwede niya basahin. Ilang days din ako nag-wait. At ang tumawag na sa akin was Direk Joyce Bernal. The movie came to be.”

Graded A by the CEB (Cinema Evaluation Board), “Kuya Wes” is no ordinary being when it comes to loving and living.

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FDCP CHAIRMAN Liza Diño Seguerra is being filled with heartfelt fulfillment with the experiences she comes across in her daily appreciation of life.

As Martin Diño’s daughter.

“My dad and I have been working separately on our own, fullfilling our respective responsibilities diligently as government workers. Save for a few events and occasions, we don’t really get to see each other as much. So to see him yesterday, not just to represent DILG as our government partner but to give his full support as a father is really special. Papa, thank you for the strength you’ve given me yesterday. Thank you for believing in my advocacy to create a more sustainable ecosystem for our film industry not just through programs but through policies that would create a lasting impact and encompass not just our current state but the future of Philippine cinema in the next 100 years. Hindi man tayo laging nagkikita pero alam kong nandito lang tayo para sa isa’t isa. Pinalakas mo ang loob ko kahapon. I love you so much. Namiss kita. ❤️

A women upheld in her fight to save the industry.

“This was how I celebrated International Women’s Day today – with cinemas, producers distributors and government partners together in one venue to talk and address the concerns plaguing our local film industry today.

“Thank you for attending today’s DIALOGUE to create a policy guideline that all stakeholders will commit to that promotes a clear, just, and transparent system of booking and exhibition of films in our local cinemas. We are all taking a huge step in working together and I implore everyone to keep an open heart and mind to these discussions; let’s listen to each other and focus on actionable matters in support of our local film industry. At the end of the day, we all have but one goal as we celebrate 100 years of Philippine cinema: that the next 100 years of our local film industry becomes the strong and empowered industry that it can be – one that caters to all its stakeholders, from producers to exhibitors to its audience. 

“With the help of FDCP and our government partners who have committed their agencies to this cause, rest assured that we will keep this momentum until we reach our common goal.

“And with this I say “Palakasin at patatagin nating muli ang industriya ng Pelikulang Pilipino!”

As a lover. Who has found her inspiration to wake up with such gladness with each day.

“As much as it is true that  “Behind every man’s success is a woman”, I also say “Behind every woman’s success is her man”. That’s my husband.

“This whole week was supposed to be a very special week for us. It was our 6th Jowanniversary last March 5 followed by our 74th (6 yrs 2mos) finding-each-other-again monthsary and 51st (4 yrs 3mos) wedding monthsary yesterday, March 8. Knowing how we are, we’re normally the type to make an event out of these occasions.

“But something big came up with work so I needed to dedicate my time to prepare for the dialogue meeting we had yesterday with our stakeholders. I didn’t need to tell him we had to make way for this, he just held my hand and said “I’m here for you.”  Everytime I’d feel anxious and my hands would clam up, he would just reach out to me and hug me tight. No words needed. I would feel his warmth, his love and all the fears go away. He believes in me so much, sometimes even more than I believe in myself. Whenever I share my insecurities with him, he would make me feel better by highlighting the traits he appreciates about me and always reminding me about how special I am. 

“It’s Women’s month and for the last two days, I’ve attended events which celebrate femininity in all aspects. So yes, it feels good to be reminded that I am a woman of strength. I know I am. But with the same strength,  I shamelessly say that I am a lot stronger because I have a husband who never fails to lift me up and give me the confidence I need to own up to my achievements, who lets me shine and take the spotlight because I deserve it but will never make me feel alone because he will just be there in the sidelines (watching his shows and playing games in his phone) ready to give me a boost whenever I need it. I am who I am now because I have my man who celebrates me—flaws and all, ready to pick up the slack when I can’t, as I continue to discover my purpose and my worth. 

“I love you my hubby. Thank you for being the man behind me, pushing me and supporting me all the way. #misteratmisiszaza.”

Need we say more?

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