How Megasoft endorser Myrtle Sarrosa takes care of herself during pandemic

“Value yourself, your life,” said Myrtle Sarrosa who renews her contract with Megasoft Hygienic Products, Inc. owned by Aileen Go.

Myrtle started out quarantine by enjoying the extra time playing online games, creating content, and talking to her family and friends.

For the cosplay princess, it’s so important to seek out opportunities to express her thoughts, ideas, and emotions to someone who will listen.

Myrtle stays calm and grateful. She is also doing Megasoft’s online presence now and helping her boss Aileen.

Aileen said in an interview that she’s grateful to Myrtle for her unending support. She feels also blessed to be able to continue running a business amid the coronavirus.

Affected too by the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19, the lady boss continues to find ways to adapt to the new normal.

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