How Beautéderm becomes a household name

Beautéderm is famous. Anyone who follows the beauty and wellness industry knows what the brand is. 

Actually people know what and who Beautéderm is. We can hear them saying, “I’m using Beautéderm.”

Kudos to people behind this successful brand that started in 2009. The key person of course is Rhea Tan who also gets the attention of the press. 

Rhea loves to market. We all know what it means to sell a product. But for me more than secrets and formulas, it’s really a gift. Rhea has that gift of selling it without over selling it.

Rhea Tan, Beautéderm CEO

Next to Rhea’s selling gift is how she takes care of herself and the brand. If she didn’t take care of herself, her gift to sell was just useless. She’s not an overnight success.

Her level of success now is really awesome. After taking care of herself, of course she maintains the quality of her products. Some CEOs become bored and they just let their staff run the products. With Rhea, she’s really hands on.

Products are strong. She hires right people from PR to operations. She connects to her people very well. Look at the results! 

Chuck Gomez, who’s the brand’s publicist, does his job seriously. People and the press remember the brand. 

People remember it through these faces: Marian Rivera, Piolo Pascual, Lorna Tolentino, Sylvia Sanchez, Glydel Mercado, Darren Espanto, Gabby Concepcion, Carlo Aquino, Christopher De Leon, Enchong Dee, Arjo Atayde, and Korina Sanchez.

Rhea said in an interview before that she really wants to get celebrities to promote her products. After the sales went high, she was able to start hiring celebrities.

The Beautéderm CEO continues to get celebrities. She said, “Ang gusto ko talaga ay totoong gumagamit ng products.”

As she celebrates Beautéderm’s 11th anniversary, more surprises are coming. Beautéderm’s building (in Pampanga) is currently under construction.

For more Beautéderm updates, visit their social media accounts. 

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