Of honor & legacy: FAMAS is back

Bringing back the glitter and glamour of Philippine Cinema the most prestigious award giving in Film is back with a bigger and better show in 2018.

The “Gabi ng Parangal” resumes in June this year under FAMAS Magnavision to air on ABS-CBN.


Held annually since 1952, its precursor “The Maria Clara awards” established by Manila Times Publishing, Inc. under the expert supervision of the late National Artist for Literature, Dr. Alejandro Roces in 1951, is the first award giving body in the Philippine movie industry.

The first award statuette, bore the figure of Maria Clara, a character in Dr. José Rizal’s most politically controversial & immortal novel Noli Me Tangere, served as the symbol of exemplary work in Philippine cinema.

Sculpted by National Artist for Sculpture Guillermo Tolentino.

For two years, the Maria Clara Awards honored the Philippine movie industry’s cinematic achievements.

Recorded one of the oldest award giving bodies in Asia next to the Kinema Junpo Awards of Japan; The FAMAS Awards, from 1952 to 1982, was the highest honor for a Filipino film award in motion picture including artisans could receive in the local movie industry.

The Major awards categories given since 1952 include Best Picture (divided into Best Drama Picture, Best Comedy Picture and Best Action Picture in 1988) Best Director, Best screenplay, Best Story, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Child Actor, Best Child Actress both Child Performance categories are usually joined as “Best Child Performer” in recent years.

For the best artisans behind the scenes include, Best Cinematography which was divided into Black-and-White and Color categories before the 1970s. Best Art Direction/Best Production Design, Best Editing, Best Sound/as Best Sound Engineering, Best Musical Score, Best Theme Song, Best Visual Effects, and Best Special Effects given since 1997 during the advent of computer Technology in the country.

The Hall Famers listed include; Best Directors Eddie Garcia (1991) Lino Brocka (1992)
Posthumous Award for Brocka because he died in 1991, Best Actors Joseph Estrada (1983)
Fernando Poe Jr. (1988) Christopher De Leon (1993) Eddie Garcia (2004) Best Actress Charito Solis (1985) Vilma Santos (1990) Nora Aunor (1992) Best Supporting Actor Eddie Garcia (1975) Best Story Carlo J. Caparas (2012) Best Editing Edgardo Vinarao (1994) Best Musical Score George Canseco (1989) Jesse Lucas (2010) Best Producer Joseph Estrada (1983) Best Sound Recording Angel Avellana (1982) and Best Cinematographer Carlo Mendoza (2015).

To date Famas Magnavision is brasing up for the Gabi ng Parangal on June 10, 2018.

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