Global Master Coach Myke Celis Leads with Love in International Coaching Conference

Fresh from his successful stint in TEDxUTM in Johor Baru, Malaysia as the only Filipino speaker, Global Master Coach Myke Celis  is set once more to go onstage as one of the main speakers in the Leading With Love Conference happening on April 22-25, 2020 here  in Manila. 

The Leading with Love Conference is an international event featuring big names in the coaching and entrepreneurship industry that aims to help the attendees discover more about themselves and lead with love from within. 

When asked about this event, Coach Myke says, “I am beyond honored and  excited to represent the Philippines and the Life Coaching community once more this time around with some of the most amazing people from all over the world who are leaders in their own industries. Seriously, I can’t wait to learn from all of them!”

He further adds, “But what makes this event special is that I will be sharing the stage with my very own Master Coach Adette Purto and the some of the coaches from our Life Coach Philippines family and our US counterparts under our founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Coaches & Entrepreneurs, Master Coach LaKendra Smalley.”

What can the attendees expect from this conference?

“Well for one, they get to meet some of the best coaches, speakers, authors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the flesh. To name a few, there’s Mr. Roberto Candelaria, Dr. James Dently, Ms. Susan McVea, Master Coach Jeannetta Collier among others. There will be lots of break out sessions featuring other local and international talents which can definitely add value to whatever practice they may have. I think to sum it up: attendees will have the chance to journey towards their own #bestmeever , if I may be candid about it!”

#bestmeever is actually Coach Myke Celis’ personal platform across all media channels from best selling books to his highly strategic coaching programs geared towards helping others overcome limiting beliefs, gain clarity in their goals and live their purpose.

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