Gary’s heart surgery was successful–Angeli Pangilinan

A message shared by Audie Gemora sent by Angeli Pangilinan, Mr. Pure Energy’s better-half.

“Praise His name and see it happen, let the power of God become alive in your life! Just Praise the Lord! Just Praise the Lord! Sing Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” -from “Joseph The Dreamer.”

Family and close friends had to keep it underwraps until the procedure was done but Praise Jehovah Rapha the bypass went well and Gary is on his way to recovery. Please continue to pray for his complete healing and that he will soar on wings of eagles again onstage!

May 5, the evening before Gary Valenciano was scheduled for emergency for his open heart surgery, he wrote this statement: “Two weeks ago, I celebrated my 35th anniversary in entertainment  with a dance performance with my son, Gabriel, and a beloved team that’s second family to me. “To some, it may have looked like routine movements for my songs from yesteryears, but that performance is one I won’t ever forget. My life from that point would never be the same.

“After that dance, I felt a sensation I’d never felt before – not even during the times I would push myself, riding my mountain bike on the trails for extended periods of time – I felt tightness and pain in my chest.

“Upon consulting my doctor, he advised me to go through tests immediately. I want to share the results of my tests with you.

“Friends – the good news?  I have a good, strong heart.  The doctors are amazed. My heart and all its blood vessels, with the exception of one, are miraculously in excellent condition.  Surprising after 39 years of Type 1 Diabetes.  The tough news? The one exception – the main valve, my left anterior descending artery (LAD) is 95% blocked and now has very thin walls, because of diabetes.

“I now lie here on a hospital bed because I need a bypass immediately.  I apologize to my ASAP, Your Face Sounds Familiar, and Showtime families and fans, the companies and organizations I am scheduled to do shows for; the students from various universities I am so excited to meet. I was especially looking forward to “Unstoppable,” Darren Espanto’s concert. I need to excuse myself from all these commitments until I fully recover from the bypass surgery.

“My dearest friends, I know this may come as a surprise to a number of you. Some of you have seen me on my posts on Instagram and Twitter, looking and sounding quite active.

“Being active has never been my problem.  But I now often feel tired and sleepy, despite being fully rested.  The chest pains were an alert and confirmed, thank God, that something was wrong. I’m thankful I didn’t wait too long to take the necessary tests.

“I thought it best to give you the details of my condition to prevent gossip and speculation that may be cause for worry and concern.

“Do not worry please, only pray – I have an expert team of gifted doctors, some of them have taken great care of me for many, many years now.

“I believe in my God who restores; my God who heals, and rescues, my God who is my strength and my God who gives each of us a thousand 2nd chances. He has never let me down before and I truly believe, He isnt going to make this the first time He won’t come and help during this, my hour of great need.

I will do my best to keep you updated as the days go by.  Should I remain silent, it’s probably only because I will be recuperating, getting better, and building up my strength. I know one day soon i will give my all on that stage again, perhaps in my spirit, even stronger than ever before.  I believe this will be a story to tell people, and yes, it will be another one of God’s amazing faithful, merciful, gracious, and good ways.  Let’s not worry, ok? Let’s just be prayerful.

“Allow me to share this passage.  I hope this encourages you who may be undergoing the same situation with your hearts, both physically and emotionally. I love you all.     ‘And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.’ Ezekiel 36:26 “God bless us all.”

As of last night, 7:30 pm,

“Gary’s heart surgery was successful. Paolo, Gab, Kiana and I visited him at the coronary recovery room and doctors have said he is doing very well. In behalf of our family, I request for prayers for my husband’s speedy recovery,” says Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano.


Most know him as a line-producer and at the same time, the one who takes care of the members of the press like a mother hen.

And now and then, accepts accolades left and right with recognitions for the projects he has laid his hands on.

He’s Dennis Evangelista.

“Nagtapos ako ng Film and Audio Visual Communication sa UP Diliman noong 1992. Naging scriptwriter sa Telebisyon at Pelikula ng almost 20 years bago nag full time as Line Producer in independent productions and Producer of some meaningful films such as “Dukot,” “Magkakabaung,” “Bomba” among others.


“Surreal sa akin ang pagkapanalo ng Best Story (with my writer-director Ralston Jover) sa Bomba kasi matagal ng nawala sa sistema ko ang pagsusulat by choice.

“Nang pinalagay ako ng aking director sa credits in the story, natuwa ako dahil pinahalagahan niya ang aking mga inputs sa istorya ng “Bomba,” isang malaking bonus ang pagkapanalo namin mula sa mga akademiya ng mga guro. Hindi na ako nagsusulat ng script pero sa mga pelikulang ginagawa ko, I’ll make sure I’m part of the creative process may kredito man o wala.

“Salamat Ralston Jover, sabi ko nga sa speech, hinahangaan ko ang mga script mo kagaya ng “Kubrador,” “Foster Child” at “Tirador.”

“Taus pusong pasasalamat sa bumubuo ng Gawad Tanglaw sa karangalang binigay niyo. #bomba #gawadtanglaw2018 #16thgawadtanglawawards”

Now you know the person!


LA Santos proved to everyone that he cannot only carry a tune but he can hold a concert and now carry an achievement for having a gold record that most artists are still working on.

Through his concert producer, Joed Serrano, after this sold out concert at the Music Museum, Joed is producing his first mainstream movie based from his single “Tinamaan.”

The guy who admits he is a certified Mama’s Boy has yet to really find the girl that will not just make his heart melt, but someone he can bring home to Mom.


“Wala pa akong makitang another crush. Talagang nandun pa rin ang paghanga ko kay Janella (Salvador). I know one of these days, we can work together. In the meantime, I am very thankful for the love and support given to me during my concert. Nakakataba po talaga ng puso. More than me, ang Mommy ko ang talagang pinasaya niyo.”

The new kid on the block is making waves already!

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